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Pi-Streamer Encoder Device

Introducing the newest in stream encoding technology for www.railroadradio.net:


The Raspberry Pi  a Micro-linux Computer on a card running a form of Debian Linux (called Raspian) 

and the darkice stream encoding software. This unit will broadcast to shoutcast stream servers

(like that which we use) and icecast2 servers (Broadcastify) and it can do both at the same time!

(Currently only mono-phonic audio is supported.)



The unit now incorporates the following features:

  • Web-page user interface which allows the stream host to shutdown/reboot/update settings

  • Audio Line Output (for amplified speakers or headset listening of direct radio audio)

  • No Keyboard or monitor required (or supported)

  • Unit checks its own streaming status and attempts to restart if necessary

  • Extremely low power usage (less than 5Watts)

  • 12VDC operation available as an option

  • Second SDRam Card (optinally available) for disaster recovery purposes

  • Streaming to Broadcastify Server now supported


You can contact us for more information.