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This feed covers both the NS Pulaski District (Bristol, VA to Walton, VA) and the Knoxville East District (Knoxville, TN to Bristol, VA) as well as part of the CSX Clinchfield mainline.


Audio is provided from a 16ch Motorola radio with a 5/8 wave antenna and is located just a few miles from the NS Yard Office in downtown Bristol.


Frequencies monitored:

  • 160.470 NS Road [24] - Pulaski District
  • 160.950 NS Road [56] - Knoxville East District
  • 160.245 NS Dispatcher to Train [09] - Knoxville East District
  • 160.830 NS Train to Dispatcher [48] - Knoxville East District
  • 161.100 CSX Road [66] - Kingsport Sub (Clinchfield)
  • 161.520 CSX HB Dispatcher [94]
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