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Welcome to the Lancaster, CA Area Stream which brings you the east side of Tehachapi coverage, including the mountain trackage, switching activities in and around Mojave, and Branch Line action on the Searles  and Lone Pine Branches. .


Frequencies Currently Being Monitored 

  •  AAR14  160.320  UPLA Dispatcher 254
  •  AAR29  160.545  Metrolink Valley Division Dispatcher
  •  AAR65  161.085  BNSF DS-113 Mojave Dispatcher
  •  AAR88  161.430  Mojave Switching Channel

UP Detectors Currently Heard

  • MP 347.0 DED (Between Rowen and Woodford)
  • MP 363.8 DED+HiWide [Tracks 1 & 2]  (Between Summit Switch and Cameron)
  • MP 377.0 DED [Tracks 1& 2]  (Between Cameron and Mojave)
  • MP 382.6 DED (Talk on Defect Only)
  • MP 391.1 DED (Between Ansel and Rosamond)
  • MP 396.1 DED (Between Rosamond and Oban)
  • MP 401.3 DED (Between Cantil and Chaffee, Lone Pine Branch)
  • MP 412.0 DED (Between Denis and Palmdale Jct)
  • MP 422.1 DED (Between Rand and Searles, Lone Pine Branch)
  • MP 431.1 DED (Between Palmdale and Wash)
  • MP 446.6 DED (Between Wash and Phelan) note1

Detector Notes:



This video depicts the rather unique joint operations of the UP Searles Local and the Trona Railroad. Big power is the rule of the day because the heavy ore trains demand it. The Trona uses all Ex SP and UP 6 axle EMD power - it may not be freshly painted but it still knows how to move the tonnage. The Searles Local can be heard getting Track Warrant Control from the UP dispatcher incharge of the Tehachapi area traffic on this stream. Besure and listen for it. 

This  youtube video used with gracious permission of Karldotcom



This Annotated Google Map shows the Major Sidings on the Tehachapi Hill 

Dragging Equipment and Hot box/Wide Load detectors will be added in the future.

Hover over the Marker to see details about what it represents. 

Don't forget you can zoom in/out and pan-scroll the map view 

Also change to satellite view using the google gadgets on the map itself

Unfortunately Google has changed their policy with respect to

free-sourcing maps on web-sites, so we'll leave the crippled map up for now.



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Below is a computer simulated graphical plot of maximum possible receiver coverage using the Longley-Rice Prediction Method adjusted for a very weak receive signal (.2uV for 20dB quieting) which best approximates some of the weakest signals heard from the most common distant locations.

Note: it is not unusual to hear signals outside of the red zone depicted, but those are due to non line-of-sight propagation modes which are variable and unpredictable due to weather and various secondary propagation modes such as RF Ducting, Knife-edge , and E skip (ionospheric bounce). 

Online Prediction Software provided courtesy of Communications Research Centre Canada  - An Agency of Industry Canada

 Legend for Signal Strength vs Color (Dark Blue/Grey is Strongest, Light Red is Weakest)