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Spartanburg, South Carolina is known as "Hub City" because of its rich history as a major railroad hub.


Spartanburg has a deep history in textiles,  presently hosting major chemical and automotive industries. 

This audio stream is hosted by Hub City Railroad Museum. Amtrak also uses this depot as a station stop. 


Spartanburg Depot


  This audio stream covers the following railroad operations:

  • NS Hayne Yard Operations

  • NS A&S line - southern section, including Saluda - [inactive].

  • NS Piedmont Division - [Southern Railway ]

  • CSX Blue Ridge Sub -  [Clinchfield Railroad]

  • CSX Spartanburg Sub - [Atlantic Coast Line\C&WC]

  • CSX Belton Sub - [Piedmont & Northern]

  • CSX Spartanburg North\South Yard Operations



Norfolk Southern - CSX frequencies are received using a Kenwood TK-7180K radio

and Traintenna Omnidirectional Antenna

 A Barix Instreamer 100 sends the audio stream to


  • 160.605 - AAR33 NS "W" Line - Channel 1

  • 160.950 - AAR56 NS Road - Channel 1

  • 161.190 - AAR72 NS Yard 3

  • 161.250 - AAR76 NS Yard 4

  • 161.310 - AAR80 NS Charlotte Dispatcher - Channel 2

  • 161.460 - AAR90 NS "W" line Dispatcher - Channel 2

  • 160.590 - AAR32 CSX Spartanburg Sub - Road Channel

  • 160.695 - AAR39 CSX CN&L Sub - FG Dispatcher

  • 160.920 - AAR54 CSX Belton Sub - FE Dispatcher

  • 160.980 - AAR58 CSX Spartanburg Sub - FG Dispatcher

  • 160.995 - AAR59 CSX Charlotte Sub - FE Dispatcher

  • 161.100 - AAR66 CSX Belton\Blue Ridge Sub - Road Channel\Yard Channel

  • 161.370 - AAR84 CSX Blue Ridge Sub - FG Dispatcher



The Hub City Railroad Museum hosts an ATCS dispatcher display and server. 

ATCS Monitor enables viewing of train movements around the Spartanburg area.


 Spartanburg ATCS Display


ATCS Monitor requires membership in the ATCS Yahoo Group

ATCS Yahoo Group membership allows access to ATCS Monitor software, documentation, and monitoring\display kits.

Users can also use TrainMon5 to view ATCS equipped lines. 

View EOT information for NS Piedmont:

EOT Data


Photos\videos from Spartanburg SC area:


Restored Hub City caboose with trackside observation deck

BNSF Magnolia

BNSF 7935 at Magnolia 


NS 9212

NS stack train at Magnolia


KCS Beaumont

KCS 4127 at Beaumont





  • Hub City Railroad Museum - Stream Hosting

  • Jim Groenke - Owner of - Kenwood Stream Radio

  • Bob Klempner - City of Spartanburg Coordination

  • In memory of John Green - ATCS Equipment and Cabling

  • Michael A. Saverino - Instreamer 100 and Traintenna