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powered  by Instreamer100 technology


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We'd like to call your attention to a website specializing in the history and future of Tracy, California, a smallish railroad town steeped in Southern Pacific History, much quieter now than days past, but still a very interesting place to learn about. We recommend visiting TracyRail.org

This stream's receiver is located in the Sierra Foothills just above Lodi at approximately 1300 feet elevation. We are able to hear a fairly good stretch of the central California valley, centered around the Lathrop to Elk Grove area. This stream is a work in process, changes to the antenna, squelch settings and frequencies monitored are planned. Equipment in use is a Kenwood TK-7180 Mobile Radio, Diamond X50 type antenna, and Barix Instreamer100 Stream encoding unit.


Currently we are listening to:


Union Pacific:

  • AAR 008  160.230
  • AAR 051  160.875 
  • AAR 080  161.310
  • AAR 096  161.550

Burlington Northern Santa Fe:

  •  AAR 036  160.650
  •  AAR 068  161.130 

Shortlines of the area (not all are monitored presently):

  • AAR 13  160.305  Central California Traction
  • AAR 23  160.445  Stockton Terminal and Eastern
  • AAR 37  160.665  California Northern


Detectors that can be heard are


Union Pacific:

 Fresno Sub

  • MP 44.6
  • MP 55.5
  • MP 65.7
  • MP 78.5
  • MP 91.1
  • MP 102.3
  • MP 121.1

 Sacramento Sub

  • MP 109.5 
  • MP 124.7



 Stockton Sub:

  • 1130.9
  • 1134.4
  • 1144.5