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This feed covers the Altavista, Blue Ridge, Christiansburg, Roanoke, Whitethorne and Winston-Salem Districts as well as the entire Terminal in the greater Roanoke area.  

An NS 995 test train climbs Starkey Hillin southwest Roanoke, VA

NS PR43C Demonstrator #4000 leads a 995 Test Train southbound on the Winston-Salem District.     Photo by Henry Dralle III

NS 744 splits the intermediate CPL's at the R11.1, southbound on the Winston-Salem District.     Photo by Henry Dralle III


Current Frequencies Monitored:

    AAR 72: 161.190 - NS Road CH1 covering the Christiansburg and Whitethorne Districts west of town

    AAR 76: 161.250 - NS Road CH2 covering the Roanoke Dispatcher and the yard limits of Roanoke Terminal

    AAR 22: 160.440 - NS Road CH3 covering the Roanoke and Winston-Salem Districts north and south of town

    AAR 61: 160.025 - NS Road CH4 covering the Blue Ridge and Altavista Districts east of town


Local Defect Detectors:

    Altavista District - None within Range

    Blue Ridge District - DD MP 251.5 (Blue Ridge)

    Christiansburg District - DD MP 271.1 (Singer) and High-Wide MP 275.9 (Shawsville)

    Roanoke District - None within Range

    Whitethorne Dsitrict - TSA MP 256.7 (Riverside)


Reference Sites

Joe Shaw's NS New River Districts pages

The Roanoke Railfan Guide on the Railroad Signals of the US website


Roanoke RailCam

Click here to view the camera

The Hotel Roanoke and Conference Center downtown hosts and railcam that features the NS mainline east of the large classification yard.  Most north-south and east-west traffic (except movements that go exclusively through the former Virginian Rwy South Yard such as coal and some grain movements) pass through the area.  During peak traffic times, as many as 60-80 moves a day can be viewed on the camera.  The camera faces railroad west and is located beneath a foot bridge connecting the hotel to the Wachovia Tower in the heart of the City of Roanoke.  The signal you can see is 'North Jefferson" with Commerce St to the west and Randolph St, 65 Crossover and East Leg Wye / Williamson Rd to the east.  Click on the link above to access the camera in real-time.