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powered  by  Pi_Streamer/Starlink  technology


Stream is back and running sounding similar as before. 

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Equipment in use:

Motorola GM300 Mobile Radio, Diamond X50NA VHF/UHF Antenna @ 10ft, LMR240 Coax, ARR Preamplifer

Raspberry Pi Linux micro Computer running Darkice shoutcast encoding software.





Current Frequencies in the scan list:

  • MRL Road 1 160.335 (Secondary Priority Scan)

  • MRL Road 2 160.950 (Primary Priority Scan)

  • MRL MOW    161.340

  • MRL YARD   160.395

  • MRL MRAS CH7 **

  • MRL MRAS CH8 **

** NOTE: When the receiver is monitoring a MRAS Conversation, it is simultaneously monitoring the road channel for active and will switch over to that for the length of those transmissions (Think of Priority sampling in a regular scanner)

What you will hear on this stream:

Dispatcher Radio Towers:  Thompson Falls, Noxon


Detectors Heard:

  • MP 28.5 Thompson Falls

  • MP 53.0

  • MP 59.8 <=== Retired from Service 12/9/21

  • MP 62.3 <=== In Serivice as of 12/9/21 (High/Wide, Dragging, Hotbox)

  • MP 77.5


Here is a well done video concentrating on the MRL 4th Sub and it's Gas Train Operations created by youtube user Stollincash4651 and posted here with his permission and all credit due.