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 We are listening to BNSF's Marceline Sub which is part of its extremely busy Transcon line and hosts upwards of 70+ trains per day, including Amtrak's #3 and #4. With no online industries to serve, everything runs through and consists mainly of Intermodal, Vehicle, Manifest, Grain etc, but no coal.

The UP also has trackage rights on this line and they can typically run upwards of 6 trains per day which are primarily intermodal.

Northfolk Southern's  Kansas City District sees 20 rail line as it joins the BNSF Trans Con at WB Jct. NS owns what BNSF refers to as Main Track #2 between WB and CA Jct.s. NS runs approximately 20 trains per day through the area and services some of the grain elevators still in operation on the line.

Frequencies Being Monitored:

  • AAR030 160.560 BNSF Marceline Subdivision

  • AAR022 160.440 NS KC District 20 Subdivision


Defect Detectors Heard


  • 366.5 Main Tracks 1&2

  • 373.6 Main Tracks 1&2



  • 195.6

  • 208.5

  • 226.0

  • 239.8

ATCS Monitor monitoring kits which are available for this area: 

BNSF, Chicago Div, Marceline Sub

NS, Chicago, NS BNSF KC Marceline