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  There is 1 person listening to this channel.


With the Antenna location in Van Nuys We can usually hear from Topanga to Glendale on the Ventura Subdivision, and to Balboa on the Valley Subdivision.

Radio ChannelsMonitored:

  • AAR 029 / (160.545 Mhz) Road Channel (Metrolink/UP/Amtrak)


Defect Detectors Heard:

Ventura Subdivision

  •   MP 7.8 Currier (West of Glendale)

  •   MP 451.3 Northridge

  •   MP 444.5 Chatsworth (Topanga)

Valley Subdivision

  •  MP 15.1 McGinley

  •  MP 17.9 Sheldon

  •  MP 24.6 Balboa