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Ashland, Va Live Railroad Audio Stream

Has been discontinued by the stream host. 


CSX 4590 (Custom)

  CSX 4590, The Spirit of Benning, gives a friendly wave as it passes the Ashland train station.
Ashland known as 'The Center of the Universe' is nationally famous for its friendly atmosphere and street running trains.

 Channels Monitored on the Ashland Audio Stream

CSX RF&P SD (x RF&P): Washington, DC to Richmond, Va

Connects on the north end to the CSX Capital SD at M Street, CFP 113.8, in Washington, DC and on the south end to the CSX Richmond Terminal SD at Greendale, CFP 4.8, in Richmond, Va

   RF&P Railfan Guide Signal List

AAR Channel 20: 160.410 - Dispatcher (BD  Desk - Baltimore, MD)
AAR Channel 96: 161.550 - Road

   Defect Detectors:
      CFP 8.1 - Glen Allen
      CFP 19.6 - Taylorsville
      CFP 34.2 - Pleasant Hill

CSX Richmond Terminal - ACCA Yard (x RF&P), North End (x ACL), and Bellwood (x SBD) SDs:

Connects on the south end to the CSX North End SD, ARN 3.3 at West AY and the CSX Bellwood SD, CFP 1.3/SRN 3.5, at South AY and Connects on the north end to the CSX RF&P SD, CFP 4.8, at Greendale

   Richmond Terminal Railfan Guide
   North End Railfan Guide Signal List
   Bellwood Railfan Guide Signal List

AAR Channel 32: 160.590 - Road and ACCA Yardmaster (Richmond, VA)
AAR Channel 94: 161.520 - Dispatcher (FB Desk - Florence, SC)

Buckingham Branch Railroad Richmond & Allegheny Division (x CSX Piedmont SD, x C&O): Richmond, Va to Clifton Forge, Va

Crosses the CSX RF&P SD at Doswell, Va, CFP 21.8/CA 111.8, five miles north of Ashland, Va and Connects on the east end to the CSX Peninsula SD, CA 85.5, at AM Junction and on the west end to the CSX James River SD, CA 276.0 at JC Cabin

   BBRR Railfan Guide Signal List

AAR Channel 23: 160.455 - Road and Control Center (BBCC - Staunton, VA)
AAR Channel 40: 160.710 - Doswell yard

 Click on Map to Download the Ashland Feed Coverage Area


 Ashland Antenna

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