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The Vancouver, WA Railroad Radio covers the BNSF and UP operations around the Portland-Vancouver metropolitan area.





 Covered Subdivisions





 Fallbridge Sub (map) Portland to Washougal Vancouver
 Fallbridge Sub (map) Washougal to Stevenson Pasco
 Seattle Sub (map) Vancouver to Felida Vancouver
 Seattle Sub (map) Felida to Longview Jct. South Centralia



 Union Pacific




 Brooklyn Sub (map) East Portland to Coalca Portland
 Terminal (DS01)
 Brooklyn Sub (map) Coalca to Eugene Valley
 Dispatcher (DS68)
 Portland Sub (map) Cascade Locks to Portland
 via Graham and Kenton Lines
 Terminal (DS01)
 Seattle Sub (map) North Portland Jct. to Peninsula Jct. Portland
 Terminal (DS01)

Defect Detectors

BNSF Fallbridge Sub - MP 19.8, MP 25.1, MP 32.2 MP 37.6 (detectors are talk on defect only)

BNSF Seattle Sub - MP 130.5

UP Portland Sub - MP 23.0

UP Portland Sub - MP 38.0

UP Portland Sub (Graham Line) - MP 7.8 

UP Brooklyn Sub - MP 765.6 Main 1 and Main 2



The BNSF Vancouver Terminal is made up of 4 main yards.  Vancouver Yard located between Fruit Valley and Vancouver on the Seattle Sub.  Terminal 6 (T6) is located on a lead from North Portland Jct on the Fallbridge Sub.  This yard is shared with the UP.  Willbridge Yard is located at Willbridge on the Fallbridge Sub.  Lake Yard is located at Lake Yard on the Fallbridge Sub. Lake Yard is operated by BNSF and UP's joint subsidiary Portland Terminal.

UP also has 4 main yards in the Portland area. Barnes Yard is located on the Portland Sub Kenton line west of Peninsula Jct.  Albina Yard is located on the Seattle Sub at Albina.  Brooklyn Yard is located on the Brooklyn Sub at Brooklyn.  Lake Yard is located at Lake Yard on the Fallbridge Sub. Lake Yard is operated by BNSF and UP's joint subsidiary Portland Terminal.

Albina Run Through Yardmaster

The UP Albina Run Through Yardmaster works in conjunction with the Portland Terminal dispatcher and local yardmasters to coordinate train and yard movements in the Portland Terminal.   Generally the dispatcher will not line up movements or allow track and time without coordinating with the run through first.

Other Operations

The BNSF has three drawbridges on the Fallbridge sub from MP 5.1 to MP 9.6. All trains must contact the Willamette River and Columbia River drawbridges on the east and west approaches. The Columbia Slough drawbridge is not always manned and is rarely opened. Many times though dispatcher decisions are made based on openings made by the drawbridge operators.

The UP has a drawbridge on the Portland Sub (Graham Line) between East Portland and Portland. All trains must contact the Steel Bridge operator to confirm the bridge is down and locked.



Amtrak has three train services that serve Portland and Vancouver. These trains are Cascades, Empire Builder, and Coast Starlight.

See Amtrak for schedule information.

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