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Welcome to the NS Cresson, PA/West Slope - CSX Sandpatch stream hosted from the famous Station Inn Bed & Breakfast, Cresson PA.


Cresson Enginehouse

 Post Merger SD80MACS & SD40-2 Helpers on the Ready Track at Cresson Enginehouse


This stream covers one of the most storied parts of the old Pennsylvania and B&O railroads presently served today by NS and CSX.  The NS Cresson/West Slope sees up to 70-80 train moves per day including helpers.  The stream also features western and central PA shotlines such as R.J. Corman, Buffalo and Pittsburgh, and Conemaugh & Blacklick.  


  • NS Pittsburgh Line Operations from Allegrippus, PA (MP 244) to South Fork, PA (MP 266)

  • CSX Sandpatch/Keystone Sub. Baltimore BB Desk Operations (Dispatcher Communications Only!)

  • NS Cresson, PA Operations: Cresson Yard and Enginehouse (Helper & SD80MAC servicing)

  • R.J. Corman "Clearfield Coal Cluster" Operations: Former Conrail Cresson & Irvona Secondaries

  • NS South Fork yard operations

  • NS South Fork Secondary Coal Branch: Central City/Windber, PA - South Fork, PA (where SD80MACs Rule!!!)

  • Conemaugh & Blacklick Railroad (C&BL) Operations within the former Johnstown Bethlehem Mills Complex

  • Buffalo and Pittsburgh Operations in the North Central PA region. 


The actual range at any given time may be greater than specified.  Factors depend on weather, the repeater used by the dispatcher, and transmit power of the particular locomotive's radio.

The stream's frequencies are as follows:

  • 160.800 – NS Road Ch 1

  • 161.070 – NS Road Ch 2

  • 160.980 – NS South Fork Secondary Coal Loading Operations & Altoona Yard

  • 161.340 -- NS Car Inspectors

  • 160.995 – NS Yard

  • 161.055 – NS MOW

  • 161.430 – NS MOW

  • 160.230 – CSX Road Ch 1

  • 160.320 -- CSX Road Ch 2

  • 161.520 – CSX Road Ch 3

  • 160.785 – CSX Road Ch 4

  • 160.845 – R.J. Corman Cleafield Coal Cluster Operations

  • 161.100 – Conemaugh & Blacklick Railroad (Johnstown)

  • 161.250 – Conemaugh & Blacklick Railroad (Johnstown)



CR SD80mac action and Station Inn Scenes courtesy of  Ed Kaspriske (Oh Well Productions)
Another Great Station Inn Video

This link will take you to the Cresson/West Slope PA, Photo Gallery, which will be updated periodically. 

Here is a link to the NS Altoona - Johnstown Timetable.

Equipment: Motorola Maxtrac 300, Traintenna LP Directional Model, Instreamer 100. 


  • Tom Davis - Proprietor - Station Inn: Hosting of the Stream at Station Inn.

  • Michael A. Saverino: Stream Hardware and Installation

  • J. Alex Lang: (J. Alex Lang Web Development) - Networking and Web Support

  • Jim Groenke:  Hardware/Technical Support and the fantastic concept called railroadradio.net 

Please check out the Forum dedicated to this stream for additional info.

Here is a very impressive Youtube video the shows some fantastic helper action on the WestSlope. 

It is a must see.. thanks to "Aliceinchains243 " for the permission to post. Check out his other videos. 


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