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Welcome to the Vancouver, BC and area stream.

The Great White North Eh?
CN 5631

The receiver is located 32km's (20 miles)SE of Vancouver in Langley.

The railroads heard are BCRail "Port Sub", CN "Yale Sub", CP "Cascade Sub", BNSF "North Branch--Bellingham Sub " and BNSF New Westminster Sub.Sourthern Rail or "SRY" from New Westminster to the valley town of Chilliwack.

You will hear Amtrak and BNSF trains calling the Port Sub RTC for clearances at Colebrook as this is where the BNSF crosses the Port Sub.

CN, CP run coal and stack trains from the container port at Roberts Bank so they must call for clearances when leaving going East and when entering from the east going west.

For first time listener's to a Canadian stream you will hear the term RTC which is the abreviation for rail traffic controller (Dispatcher) or DS as you hear in the USA.

 Coverage from the CDN/USA border down as far as South Bellingham.Weather depending you will hear at times as far as Mt Vernon. 

 Photo taken by Dale 



                                                                                                                                                                     Southbound BNSF at Brownsville waiting for SB Amtrack

TimeTables are available for the following Sub-divisions:

CN Yale Subdivision  

CP Cascade Subdivision

BNSF New Westminster & Bellingham Subdivisions

BCR Port Subdivision 


Current Frequencies Monitored  

BCRail Port Sub
160.695 Mhz
BNSF North Branch
161.250 Mhz
BNSF New Westminster
161.575 Mhz
161.100 Mhz
CN Yale Sub
161.205 Mhz
CN Yale Sub #2
161.415 Mhz
CP Cascade Sub
161.725 Mhz
CP Cascade Sub #2
160.425 Mhz
Southern Railway "SRY"
160.275 Mhz

CN 354 at Matsqui Jct

                          CN 354 Eastbound Approaching Matsqui Jct 

This stream is using a TrainTenna™ outdoor antenna which is mounted at roof level

Detectors heard:

 BCR Port Subdivision

  • MP 4.0 

CP Cascade Subdivisionm

  • MP 96.8
  • MP 80.1
  • MP 54.9 

CN Yale Subdivision

  • MP 58.2
  • MP 70.2
  • MP 84.9
  • MP 91.1
  • MP 105.2 

BNSF New West Subdivision

  •  MP 137.3

The stream is brought to you by This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it   of  Langley, BC.