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Very Sorry about the poor internet quality on this stream. The host changed to a new internet service provider (Internet over radio style) and it's clearly not up to the job. We have no avenue or recourse to improve the situation so we can only take it as it comes. Some days will be good, others will be bad for no apparent reason. 



LISTEN - Via Telphone: Dial 1-712-432-3480 and Select Stream "213"

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We are listening to the Following channels using a Receiver located in Shepherd MT, over-looking the Jones Jct, Huntley, Billings areas, with additional coverage into Laurel and points slightly west along the MRL Mainline in that area. 

PLEASE NOTE: We have removed the Caspter Sub from the radio's scan list due to a persistent low-level interfering carrier causing alot of squelch noise and channel monopolization.

MRL Frequencies Monitored / Detectors Heard

  • 160.335 - AAR015 - Road Channel 1 (Huntley to Spurling)
  • 160.950 - AAR056 - Road Channel 2 (Spurling to Missoula)
  • 160.440 - AAR022 - Laurel Yard Operations (Repeated)
  • MP219.6 Failed Equipment Detector

BNSF Frequencies Monitored / Detectors Heard

  • 160.770 AAR044 Casper Subdivsion
  • 160.890 AAR052 Forsyth Subdivision DED MP 200.2, 208.5, 177.9 **
  • 161.100 AAR066 Big Horn Subdivision | DED MP 807.5 822.9
  • 161.160 AAR070 Laurel Subdivision | DEDs MP 1.0  MP 5.3 MP 14.8 MP 27.9
** = Radio propagation conditions permitting






Time Tables

Here is a large collection of Short but informative  Youtube videos of the BNSF operations in the area, notably on the Forsythe Subdivision.