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LISTEN - Via Telphone: Dial 1-712-432-3480 and Select Stream "213"

(Long Distance Charges May apply - depending on your phone/cell plan)

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We are listening to the Following channels using a Receiver located in Shepherd MT, over-looking the Jones Jct, Huntley, Billings areas, with additional coverage into Laurel and points slightly west along the MRL Mainline in that area. 

PLEASE NOTE: We have removed the Caspter Sub from the radio's scan list due to a persistent low-level interfering carrier causing alot of squelch noise and channel monopolization.

MRL Frequencies Monitored / Detectors Heard

  • 160.335 - AAR015 - Road Channel 1 (Huntley to Spurling)
  • 160.950 - AAR056 - Road Channel 2 (Spurling to Missoula)
  • 160.440 - AAR022 - Laurel Yard Operations (Repeated)
  • MP219.6 Failed Equipment Detector

BNSF Frequencies Monitored / Detectors Heard

  • 160.770 AAR044 Casper Subdivsion
  • 160.890 AAR052 Forsyth Subdivision DED MP 200.2, 208.5, 177.9 **
  • 161.100 AAR066 Big Horn Subdivision | DED MP 807.5 822.9
  • 161.160 AAR070 Laurel Subdivision | DEDs MP 1.0  MP 5.3 MP 14.8 MP 27.9
** = Radio propagation conditions permitting






Time Tables

Here is a large collection of Short but informative  Youtube videos of the BNSF operations in the area, notably on the Forsythe Subdivision.