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Stream is providing Orange County coverage for the BNSF San Bernardino Sub, BNSF & Metrolink on the Orange/Olive Subs, and BNSF La Mirada & UP Anaheim Locals.  Some traffic can be heard beyond our immediate county. 


Frequencies Currently Being Monitored 

  •  Ch30  160.560  Metrolink SCAX Orange/Olive Subs, Orange Dispatcher 
  •  Ch36  160.650  BNSF San Bernardino Sub, DS-15
  •  Ch14  160.320  UP Road, Dispatcher 250 
  •  Ch44  160.770  UP Switching, Santa Ana Industrial Lead 
  •  Ch32  160.590  BNSF Switching *Removed
  •  Ch27  160.515  UP LA Sub, Dispatcher 250 *Weekends & Holidays

 Detectors Currently Heard

  • MP     0.7  Metrolink Olive Sub (between Anaheim Canyon & Atwood)
  • MP   22.4  BNSF San Bernardino Sub (between May & Porphyry)
  • MP   32.0  BNSF San Bernardino Sub (between Prado Dam & Esperanza)
  • MP   38.2  BNSF San Bernardino Sub (between Esperanza & Lambert)
  • MP   42.5  BNSF San Bernardino Sub (between Atwood & Placentia)
  • MP 177.4  Metrolink Orange Sub (between Santa Ana & CP Aliso)

Radio feed is provided by Gerry located in Anaheim Hills CA.  Motorola CDM1250 radio at 900' elevation