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There is 1 person listening to this channel.


Equipment in use:

Motorola GM300 Mobile Radio

Raspberry Pi Linux micro Computer running Darkice shoutcast encoding software.






Time Tables:

Kootenai River Sub

Montana Rail Link 4th Sub

Defect Detectors Heard:


  • MP 111.8 

  • MP 98.8


  • MP 2.94 ++

  • MP 8.5

  • MP 11.7

  • MP 16.5

  • MP 33.5 ++

  • MP 1381.6 **

  • MP 1384.2 **

  • MP 1391.0 ++

  • MP 1398.6


** = Detector Heard when Radio Conditions are Favorable

++ = Detector talks on defects only

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Frequencies in the Scan List:

Montana Rail Link:

  • MRL AAR-15  160.335 Mhz Road 1

  • MRL AAR-56  160.950 MHz  Missoula West Dispatcher Sandpoint to Missoula


  • BNSF AAR-54  160.920 MHz  Boyer East Dispatcher Kootenai River Sub Sandpoint to Whitefish

  • BNSF AAR-76  161.250 MHz  Boyer West Dispatcher Spokane Sub Sandpoint to Spokane

  • BNSF AAR-70  161.160 MHz  Commonly used by POVA & BNSF when switching the Sandpoint yard off of Boyer.

Pend Oreille Valley Authority:

  • POVA AAR-87  161.415 MHz

        Shortline from Sandpoint along river west to Newport on former BNSF (GN) tracks,

        then north to Metaline Falls on former Milwaukee (I&WN) tracks. Interchanges with

        BNSF at Boyer. POVA has trackage rights from the BNSF yard, west to Dover.