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The Barix Instreamer 100 has passed all testing and evaluation and we have been using this unit  for several streams that have been having reliability problems using conventional Windows computers and other streams at locations where a tamper-proof environment is a must. We have found that this unit can solve several issues we frequently come across in setting up new streams:
  1. Space limitations. This unit is about the size of two cigarette packs: 4.25” X 1.5” by 3.1” and is powered by 12Volts DC OR AC.
  2. Totally reliable in its operation, nothing to cause it to stop working due to things like Windows updates, memory leaks, poor ISP connectivity/reliability or other Operating Systems-related quirky failures.
  3. Relatively Low cost. The unit retails at $399.00 which includes a 12Volt wall-wart power supply.
  4. Some stream providers have their equipment located at a third-party’s home or work location, and would rather have something that is small, unobtrusive, and / or something that didn’t offer the tantalizing temptation of a computer to play with. This unit meets all these needs.
  5. The Instreamer is configured and controlled with its own built-in Web Page interface (among other methods). This makes it easy to control or monitor with just a simple web-browser. (Assuming appropriate firewall port-forwarding if the unit resides behind a NAT or network firewall device.)


Several streams are now powered by this device, solving previous reliability problems associated with cranky Windows computers running even crankier Windoze Operating Systems. Just one more way that we endeavor to bring you the utmost in reliable realtime railroad radio streaming enjoyment. 


Here is what an Instreamer100 coupled with a Motorola CDM750 commercial radio and power supply looks like. The Izaak Walton Inn patch is approx. 4 inches across to give you an idea of scale.


Look for the 'powered by Instreamer 100' tag at the top of a Stream's Info page and if you see it, you'll be listening to the latest in streaming audio technology.


For anyone who might be interested in procuring one of these units for their needs, we can recommend:



They do sell retail and are extremely easy to do business with, and they maintain a stock on hand

for all the Barix Streaming products .