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We recommend that mobile users take advantage of's service to listen to their stream of interest if available.

Just look for the "LISTEN - Using for Android/iOS/Chrome powered Devices" on a stream's information page. is known as a stream 'portal' service directing users to their stream of interest and it works for both mobile and desktop environments.

Listening to a stream while using a web-enabled cell phone or tablet can be a frustrating experience as you roam from site to site on your cellular network or temporarily run out of coverage. This is where using's app for your mobile device (apps are available for both iOS or Android) is especially beneficial as the app continues to monitor your phone's stream connectivity and if you experience a data connection loss situation the app will try to reconnect your stream. Most other streaming apps available for phones do NOT do this. So your ability to stay connected to your stream as you drive around is greatly enhanced by using the method of connection. We provide stream listen links for using for a large majority of our streams.


In the desktop environment your Chrome or Firefox Browser does the playing of the audio. If you open up multiple tabs or windows, you can browse to more than one page and play more than one stream at time as long as you keep all the browser windows open. You can adjust the volume of each stream independently with the volume control gadget on each tunein page.