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Welcome to the

Rochester Rail Radio

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 Location: Rochester, New York 

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Message from the Operator

  It appears that there has been an ongoing issue with regards to a very noticeable decrease in signal reception by the scanner. In late August, there were issues involving the coax wire being detached from the antenna's N connector port. I attempted to fix it but it seems it may have come loose again, causing the poor signal where it seems only the dispatcher can be heard. Unfortunately, due to my absence from the area until December 19th, it looks like this will be the state of the scanner until that time. I sincerely apologize for this issue to all of you who use/rely on my feed. I will try my best to repair it and update you with any new status updates that arise.



   This feed covers a portion of CSX's busy Rochester Subdivision, concentrating mainly around the Rochester New York area, between milepost QC378 (Chili, NY) to the west and  QC351 (Palmyra, NY) to the east. Being a part of CSX's "Chicago Line," this double track mainline sees roughly 40+ trains a day, including various  locals (B symbols).
     Also heard is the CSX West Shore Subdivision from milepost QW359 (Henrietta, NY) to CP-359 (Perinton, NY) on the Rochester Subdivision. Following the old grade of the West Shore Railroad, this single-track ABS (Automatic Block System) subdivision  serves as a bypass around the city of Rochester, branching off of the  Rochester Sub at CP-382 (Chili, NY) and reconnecting with the mainline at CP-359. Any train, in any direction can "take the Shore" at the NF Dispatcher's discretion. The only trains required to take the West Shore Sub are trains containing High-And-Wide loads due to clearance issues on the Rochester Subdivision in the City of Rochester. Amtrak trains do not utilize the West Shore as the Rochester Amtrak station is located in the city.  
This scanner also monitors a local shortline,
Genesee & Wyoming's  Rochester & Southern Railroad, which makes transfer runs to CSX's Goodman Street Yard in the  heart  of the City of Rochester. They can also be heard doing various switching movements in their Brooks Ave Yard  in Chili, NY as well as getting track authority on the Ex-B&O Rochester  Branch south to either their interchange with Norfolk Southern's  Southern Tier Line in Silver Spring, NY or to American Rock Salt in Mt. Morris, NY.

CSX Transportation:

  • 160.800  AAR046 - CSX Road

  • 161.400  AAR086 - NF Jacksonville Dispatcher (Controls both the Rochester & West Shore Subdivisions)

  • 160.980  AAR058 - Rochester Goodman Street Yard


Rochester and Southern:

  • 160.770  AAR044 - Road & Dispatcher (R&S Dispatcher based in St. Albans, VT)

  • 161.100  AAR066 - Brooks Ave Yard

Defect Detectors

  • QC364.1 Brighton, NY

  • QW355.5 Pittsford, NY


Equipment used to provide this stream:

DPDProductions TrainTenna Base Antenna -- Kenwood TK-780 -- HP Pavilion Desktop (OS:Windows Vista)

 Owner & Operator: Connor Short