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 We are sorry to announce the discontinuance of this stream by it's host.





Equipment in use:

Motorola CDM1250 Mobile Radio, Diamond X50NA VHF/UHF Antenna @ 20ft, LMR240 Coax

Raspberry Pi Linux micro Computer running Darkice shoutcast encoding software.


LISTEN - Via Telphone: Dial 1-712-432-3480 and Select Stream "205"

(Long Distance Charges May apply - depending on your phone/cell plan)

This service graciously provided by:


What you will hear on this stream:

  • Detector MP 111.1

  • Detector MP 131.1 (West End)

  • Detector MP 135.2 (Old Depot)

  • Detector 86.8 (When Radio Conditions Permit)



Current Frequencies in the scan list:

  • MRL Road 1 160.335 

  • MRL Road 2 160.950

  • MRL MOW    161.340

  • MRL YARD   160.395


Time Tables

We recently noticed these two youtube videos which concentrate on the Livingston area MRL operations, taken in July of 2015 produced by CrazyTaxi1000 Productions. They're very well done and really show the train activity in and out of Livingston, most of it involving Helper action.  Check them out!

Part 1


 Part 2




 Here is an excellent series of video compilations made by Trinity Rail Productions,

This video showis a heavy westbound coal train leaving out of Livingston with an added MRL SD70ACE Series added in the headend power consist plus the traditional "3 set helper (SD70ACE-SD40-SD70ACE) pushing on the rear.



Eastbounds arriving into Livingston and Westbounds ascending the Bozeman Hill is what this video is all about. Enjoy!



This Video happens to capture 2 main line trains plus the local which works Logan on a regular basis: