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  •  LISTEN - Using the Scanner Radio App for Android and iOS 

  • (We highly recommend the Scanner Radio Pro app for Android @ $2.99 - it works better than TuneIn as it is optimized for Scanner Streams and has several useful features that TuneIn doesn't offer)


There is 1 person listening to this channel.


LISTEN - Via Telphone: Dial 1-712-432-3480 and Select Stream "201"

(Long Distance Charges May apply - depending on your phone/cell plan)

This service graciously provided by:


Equipment in use:

Motorola CDM1250 Mobile Radio, Diamond X50NA VHF/UHF Antenna @ 20ft, LMR240 Coax

Raspberry Pi Linux micro Computer running Darkice shoutcast encoding software.

This stream is undergoing testing and may have some antenna optimization work performed in 






Current Frequencies in the scan list:

  • MRL Road 1 160.335 (Primary Priority Scan)

  • MRL Road 2 160.950 (Secondary Priority Scan)

  • MRL MOW    161.340

  • MRL YARD   160.395

Detectors Heard:

  • NONE