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Canrail Audio Live


CN Bayview Jct


 Hamilton, Ontario


Site Updated 2015-08-16


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 of this area from Canrail/Green Frog Productions


CN's Dundas Subdivision Bayview Jct to Paris West

Information Timetables

 Information is taken from the 2004 Canadian Trackside Guide.

I'll be adding photo locations in with the timetables in the near future.


CN Oakville Subdivision 


CN Dundas Subdivision 


CN Halton Subdivision


CN Grimsby Subdivision


CP Hamilton Subdivision

  CN                CP                 VIA               GO        RaiLink      Amtrak

In a 7 mile stretch between Hamilton and  Burlington, the area is host to five Subdivisions.  Four CN &  one CP.  They are CN's Oakville Sub, Halton Sub, Grimsby Sub and Dundas Sub. CP is the Hamilton Sub.

 More than 75 trains run through in a 24 hour period. The best times to see the trains in the morning is from 6 am to 10 am. In the afternoon from 12 pm till 2 pm and again from 4 pm till 8 pm. With that said.... anytime time is train time! For those with scanners, talking hot box detectors will give you advanced notice if anything is coming your way. 

 A Google Maps link of the area is provided below. You can also get the local weather forecast via the Weather Network link as well.  Many local railfans inhabit the Spring Gardens bridge off of Plains Rd. and they are all a friendly bunch that can answer all your questions.

Bring lots of film and or your favourite media! Many photo ops can be had from the numerous overhead bridges as well as line side. Enjoy the stream and be sure to come on up and visit if you can. You won't be disappointed!

Channels you will be listening to:

CN Ch 1  161.415 - Standby

CN Ch 3  160.935 - RTC (NI Dispatcher)

 Grimsby Sub. south to Niagara Falls and Buffalo

CN Ch 8 161.025 - RTC (DS,YA,YB,YO Dispatchers)

Dundas Sub. west  to London, Windsor and Sarnia

Oakville Sub. east to Toronto Union Station

Halton Sub. north to Toronto Mac Yard

 CP Ch 87 160.815 - RTC

Dispatcher Hamilton Sub. north to Guelph Jct. and south to Buffalo

Additional Channels Monitored 

 CN Ch 2 161.205 Dispatcher Dundas Sub to London

CN Ch 4 160.665 YO Dispatcher

CN Ch 5 160.365 Yard ( Oakville )
RaiLink 161.385 



CN OAKVILLE SUB - Hot Box and Dragging Equipment Detectors at

Mi. 33.0 T1, 33.0 T2, 33.0 T3

CN HALTON SUB - Hot Box and Dragging Equipment Detectors at Mi. 36.6

CN DUNDAS SUB - Hot Box and Dragging Equipment Detectors at Mi. 15.8 

CN GRIMSBY SUB - Hot Box and Dragging Equipment Detectors at Mi. 33.8

CP HAMILTON SUB - Hot Box Detector at Mi. 44.9

Train Numbers You May Hear 

142 Chicago to Toronto BIT
144 Detroit to Toronto Conport (Roadrailer)
145 Toronto Conport to Detroit (Roadrailer)
148 Chicago to Halifax
149 Halifax to Chicago
150 Chicago Corwith Yd. to Toronto BIT
154 Toronto to Buffalo CSX
198 Chicago to Halifax
216 Battle Creek to Toronto Mac Yard
230 Buffalo Seneca to Oakville Toronto Mac Yard
231 Toronto/Aldershot to Buffalo Seneca
271 Toronto Mac Yard to Salem UP
273 Toronto Mac Yard to CSX Walbridge Oh.
275 Toronto Mac Yard to Chicago Gibson
281 Toronto Mac Yard to Chicago Gibson NS
289 Toronto Mac Yard to Flat Rock
331 Champaign Ill. to Sarnia
332 Buffalo/Niagara Falls to Toronto
338 Buffalo to Toronto
339 Toronto to Buffalo Frontier Yard CSX
350 Sarnia to Montreal
351 Belleville to Battle Creek
353 Belleville to Flat Rock
355 Belleville to Buffalo
382 Toledo CSX to Toronto
383 Toronto to Stanley OH
384 Airline Jct. NS to Toronto
385 Toronto to Airline Jct. NS
390 Chicago to Toronto Mac Yard
392 Blue Island to Toronto Mac Yard
393 Toronto to Chicago Proviso Yard
394 Chicago to Toronto
395 Toronto to Chicago BN Cicero Yard
396 Memphis TN. to Toronto
397 Toronto to Memphis TN
398 Salem UP to Toronto
399 Toronto to Chicago
403 Toronto Mac Yard to Oakville/Aldershot & return
408 Niagara Falls to Oakville & return
410 Sarnia to Toronto
411 Toronto to Sarnia
421 Toronto to Port Robinson
422 Port Robinson to Toronto
434 Windsor to Toronto Mac Yard
435 Toronto to Windsor
482 Sarnia to Halifax
483 London to Winnipeg
550 Aldershot to Oakville & return
551 Aldershot to Hamilton & return
552 Oakville to Aldershot & return
555 Hamilton to Stoney Creek & return
556 Oakville to Burlington & return
557 Oakville to Aldershot/Hamilton & return


230 Sudbury to Hamilton
231 Hamilton to Sudbury
256 Toronto to Buffalo Frontier Yard CSX
257 Buffalo Frontier Yard CSX to Toronto
258 Toronto to Buffalo Frontier Yard CSX
259 Buffalo Frontier Yard CSX to Toronto
730 Oshawa to Buffalo


52 Aldershot to Montreal
40 Aldershot to Ottawa
67 Montreal to Aldershot
652 Aldershot to Ottawa
640 Aldershot to Ottawa
79, 679, 683, 83, 75, 73, 685, 671, 71, 85 Toronto to Windsor
82, 70, 682, 670, 72, 76, 78, 678 Windsor to Toronto 
90, 92 Niagara Falls to Toronto


95, 97 Toronto to New York

98 New York to Toronto

GO Transit   

All 900 numbers Toronto to Burlington on CN too many to list Even #'s East Odd #'s West
Westbound GO into Hamilton via CP 491, 493, 437, 441 PM Rush
Eastbound GO out of Hamilton via CP 490, 492, 494 AM Rush

The above info was taken from the 2004 Canadian Trackside Guide  


Audio source is from  a Vertex Standard  VX-4000 250 Channel Scanning Transceiver.

The Decibel base antenna is mounted on a tower 25  feet above ground level.

The stream is now powered using Pi_Streamer technology

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