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Sorry Folks Stream is down We are testing new stream hardware and will likely will be shipping new hardware out.  For now you will hear silence. Thank you for your patience.




Welcome to the Truckee California stream page.

This stream covers the eastern segment of Donner Pass on the Roseville subdivision of the Union Pacific Railroad, and the stream originates from Truckee, California near milepost 204.


The line from MP 196 (Shed 47) to MP 239 (West Reno) utilizes reverse running, such that eastbound trains typically utilize the #1 track, and westbound trains using the #2 track.


Currently we are scanning:

  • 160.320 (AAR 14)
  • 161.550 (AAR 96)
  • 161.400 (AAR 86) 

Detectors we can hear are:

  • 195.5 (Talk on Defect Only)
  • 198.4 (Talk on Defect Only)
  • 203.9 (West of Truckee)

This stream is hosted by Roger A. Skinner.