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Providing coverage on Norfolk Southern's Norfolk and Franklin Districts, CSX Portsmouth Subdivision, and Commonwealth Railway in Suffolk, Virginia.


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CSX F781-20 at Suffolk Station Museum




Suffolk is located in the southeast corner of Virginia.  No fewer than five different railroads passed within one mile of each other (N&W, VGN, A&D, SAL, and ACL) in days gone by.  Today, there are two Class Is (NS and CSX) and one shortline (Commonwealth - CWRY).


Intermodal trains from CSX and NS come to Suffolk and enter the Commonwealth Railway on their way to APM Terminals in Portsmouth.  Other intermodals terminate and originate at Virginia International Terminals in Norfolk.  Coal, grain, and merchandise trains are also common trains on both CSX and Norfolk Southern.


A new Amtrak Regional train to Norfolk begins revenue service on Decmeber 12, 2012.


Channels Currently Scanned on the Suffolk Feed



CSX Portsmouth Subdivisions (FB Desk):

AAR Channel 32: 160.590 - road and dispatcher

AAR Channel 94: 161.520 - dispatcher


 CSX Peninsula Suddivision (HG Desk):

AAR Channel   8:  160.230

AAR Channel 14:  160.320


Norfolk Southern Norfolk and Franklin Districts (Crewe DS):

AAR Channel 72:  161.190 - Norfolk District road and dispatcher


Commonwealth Railway:

AAR Channel 21:  160.425 - road


Defect Detectors/Track Side Analyzers:

CSX (Portsmouth Sub):  SA26.2 (Kilby)

NS (Norfolk District):  N11.5 (Yadkin), N20.0 (Jericho), N30.2 (Myrtle)