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The Philadelphia region is one of the great rail centers in the northeastern US, with freight service being provided by Norfolk Southern, CSX Transportation, Conrail Shared Assets, as well as several small regional and local carriers.  This stream is dedicated to bringing you audio from the most active road channels in the region.


Channels being monitored are:


160.800  Harrisburg Line (CP-River, Philly to CP-Phoenix)  "Main Line Dispatcher"

          Morrisville Line (CP-John to CP-King)


161.100  Philadelphia Sub Dispatcher Channel (CP-Park, Philly to DE/MD Border)  "BE Dispatcher"

160.230  Philadelphia Sub Road Channel

160.740  Trenton Sub Dispatcher Channel (CP-Park, Philly to CP-Pt Reading Term.)  "NI Dispatcher"

160.980  Trenton Sub Road Channel


161.07  Philadelphia and South Jersey Operations

The majority of the NS action you'll hear is on the NS Harrisburg Line, particularly the portion between Philly and Phoenix on 160.8.  NS Mainline action can, however, be clearly heard from CP-RIVER to Phoenix,  and almost the entire length of the Morrisville Line from CP-Lang to CP-Norris.  There is also a lot of activity at Abrams Yard near Bridgeport, PA, as well as good portions of the CSX Philadelphia and Baltimore Divisions between Trenton and Wilmington, and Conrail activity around Philadelphia and South Jersey.

The receiver is located in Lafayette Hill, PA, about 2 miles from CP-KING on the Morrisville Line, about 7 miles from CP-RIVER, and about 4 miles from Abrams Yard on the Harrisburg Line.


on River Road, in Gladwyne, PA., is located at River Road at the Waverly Road grade crossing



Norfolk Southern "Mainline":

     MP 8.7  (Harrisburg Line -  CP Rock in Gladwyne, PA is for "CP" Flat Rock at River Rd and Hollow Rd)

     MP 10.8  (Harrisburg Line - on River Road, In Gladwyne, PA located at the Waverly Rd grade crossing) 

     MP 24.5  (Harrisburg Line near Perkiomen Junction PA)

     MP 16.0  (Morrisville Line near Southampton, PA)



Our current equipment setup includes the following:

Receiver:  Motorola CM-300

Antenna:   Hustler G7-150-2 Antenna (cut to 160.89 MHz)

Antenna Height Above Average Terrain: 167 feet

Coaxial Cable:  LMR400

Multicoupler:  Strideburg MCA-208M (unity gain)

Preamplifier:  Moonraker M-100 Preamp  (+6dB Gain) 

Broadcast and HF RF High Pass Filter:  HPN-30118

Computer:  Dell Optiplex GX620

Sound Card:  Echo MiaMidi Balanced Audio

Shoutcast Encoder:  Edcast Standalone Encoder

Internet:  Comcast Business Class Broadband