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LISTEN - Via Telphone: Dial 1-712-432-3480 and Select Stream "207"

(Long Distance Charges May apply - depending on your phone/cell plan)

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And provided by Leo Yudysky retired Signal Supervisor, BNSF Railroad - Whitefish MT who has graciously given us permission to list his stream on our site.

The stream's home page is available by clicking here.

(Listen links for all the usual players can be found on the home page)

This Stream is located near the Flathead Valley, 11 miles west of Whitefish on the western approach to Marias Pass. With the stream receiver located at the 3600 ft elevation level, excellent quality radio communications can be heard, including some distant Montana Rail Link dispatcher traffic from their 4th Subdivision.

BNSF radio traffic between Glacier Park and Eureka area is the primary focus of this stream.

There are two dispatcher channels (Glacier and Boyer East) which are being monitored, along with a Montana Rail Link dispatcher (West) Channel. Whitefish yard switching and all MRAS (Mobile Phone to Dispatch and Signal Maintenance) maintenance channels between Belton and Brimstone will also be heard.

Helpers are added to trains requiring the additional boost at Whitefish. You will hear them communicating to the headend as they tie on, the air test is performed and they get underway with their long slog over Marias Pass.

Frequencies Monitored

  • 160.920 Mainline Ch 54 Boyer East Dispatcher

  • 161.250 Mainline Ch 76 Glacier Dispatcher 

  • 160.665 MRAS Ch 37 Red  (Scanner Priority Channel)

  • 161.415 Whitefish Remote Switching Ch 87 (yard) 

  • 161.490 MRAS Ch 92 Rx Yellow 

  • 160.545 MRAS Ch 29 Tx Green

  • 161.130 MRAS Ch 68 Rx Green

  • 160.335 MRAS Ch 15 Rx White (This Channel used almost exclusively by MRL)

  • 160.815 BNSF Chat? Ch 47

  • 160.950 MRL Missoula Ch 56

  • 160.395 Ch 19

  • 160.310 MRAS Ch 80 Rx Orange

  • 160.620 MRAS Ch 34 Rx Blue

Detectors Heard:

  • MP 1208.4*
  • MP 1212.9*
  • MP 1221.1*
  • MP 1228.0
  • MP 1236.6