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NS/CSX Lafayette-Logansport-Rensselaer Indiana
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All of the original AAR channels are in use in this region.  A good resource is the CARMA website (Chicago Area Radio Monitoring Association).


More distant channels that may be added or subtracted from the scan from time to time, or may be heard depending on weather or radio tropo "skip" conditions. We often get stray signals from Ohio, Wisconsin, and Michigan, as well as regular dispatcher towers in Indiana and Illinois:


7   KBS ouf of Lafayette

8   CSX across northern Indiana (dispatcher on channel 84). Has been occasionally used by NS Crews in Lafayette.

12 CSX RB dispatcher on the Monon Subdivision. TP&W Tones up RB at Reynolds for transfers.

14 CSX Munster dispatching

16 CN Kirk Yard

18 NS Huntington Dispatcher east of Logansport (West Peru).

20 UP Villa Grove subdivision dispatcher north of Woodland Junction, former C&EI from Chicago and Dolton Yard to Watseka, Woodland and south. Some UP dispatching is also heard on channel 94.


28/30/32 CN south and east of Chicago.  Much of this is former EJ&E. (30 is also the CSX between Crawfordsville and Indianapolis).

30 Also CSX dispatch on Crawfordsville line 


34/46 Norfolk Southern. Chicago line Porter-Elkhart now channel 34. 46 is still used either side of this segment.

35 CSX Michigan line used by Pere Marquette.

39 NS Operations at South Yard and between Frankfort Yard and Dayton.

46 CSX road channel on Crawfordsville, also NS across northern Indiana, especially Elkhart terminal.

50 NS road between West Peru and Tolono. Also primary Lafayette NS dispatcher channel.

63 NS Kankakee Branch dispatching for coal train operations to the NIPSO power plant at Schneider.  Dearborn often now handles the former Kankakee towers. NIPSCO is decomissioning this facility.

65 UP Villa Grove dispatcher south of Woodland Junction

66 BNSF Union Avenue Chicago, a powerful legacy former Santa Fe channel.

70 BNSF Aurora Road Channel in Illinois

72 CN New Orleans-Carbondale-Champaign-Kankakee Chicago (54 in some segments).

76 Sometimes heard for NS switching operations in Lafayette

84 Road channel on CSX Monon and Dispatcher on CSX Garrett.

86 TP&W  Occasionally some short agricultural chemical trains passing through, and some windfarm turbines and blade arrival at the Hoosierlift facility. Transfer operations between Lafayette, Reynolds, and west.

92 NS Premier Corridor, B Line Ft. Wayne to Chicago.

93 Amtrak Michigan line from Porter to Niles, when band conditions are optimal

94 UP operations in Illinois

97 NS operations in Northern Indiana


NS crew activities in Lafayette sometimes take place on channels 8 39 76 and others. Most of the activity around Subaru and between Dayton and Frankfort is now on channel 39. Employees may use random unlicensed channels for private conversations.



If you are in the Monon area, check out the


Monon museum and whistle stop restaurant


north of Monon.  http://www.mononconnection.com






 Hoosier State was discontinued July 1, 2019 due to the refusal of the state of Indiana to appropriate funding to support it.  Equipment moves between Beech Grove shops and Chicago will no longer take place in Hoosier State trains. 


Cardinal (51) runs northbound on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday.  Train 50 runs southbound on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.




Things sometimes go nuts on the VHF radio due to weather conditions.  We get a lot of signals off of temperature inversions (skip) caused by Lake Michigan, and when low pressure frontal systems move through the midwest. Tropospheric and sporadic-e transmissions may also be heard from time to time.

If you are interested in this, check this link.  It is to the tropospheric activity maps generated from amateur radio packet transmission paths.  This shows the 144 mhz. reception paths, which can routinely reach several hundred miles. While it is 20 mhz. elow the 161 mhz rail radio band, events that affects 144 often spread to 161. This page does not work well with some windows versions any longer, try firefox or some other browser.



Here is a link for a nearly real-time propagation map.







The Monon Subdivision has communications installations at these locations. The are currently licenses for both analog and digital emissions at these sites, but only the analog licenses are being used.



Cedar Lake (Whitesville) - WNCE819 - 8 Watt Detector

St. John - WNCR - 45 Dispatcher - 4 channels

Shelby- WQUX390 - 30 Watt Dispatcher - 2 Channel

Lowell - WQUX390 - 25 Watt Dispatcher - 160.785

Thayer - KNGN838 - 25 watt detector

Parr - (North of Rensselaer) - KVM389 - 45 Watt Dispatcher - 3 Channels

Rensselaer - (Iriquois River) WNCE819 - 8 Watt Detector - A new digital voice here was installed 1-2017

Monon KXE633 - 60' Pole, 4 channels, 35/45 watt - Licensed on 10 14 45 and 84

          KSF920 - 45' Pole at Depot - 2 channels, licensed 84 and 94

Reynolds - WQUX390 - 25 Watt Dispatcher - 160.785 - Channel 45

Battle Ground - WNCE819 - 8 watt detector

Lafayette - KEX475 - 75' TOWER AT YARD - 8 CHANNEL DISPATCHER,  7 40/45 WATT - ONE 75 WATT TRANSMITTER -Licensed channels are 12 14 16 24 45 71 84 88

South Raub - KNGN838 25 watt detector



Lizton - WQKM658 - 6 Watt Detector