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NS/CSX Lafayette-Logansport-Rensselaer Indiana
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Channel 84 is the road channel. This is still the route of the Amtrak Cardinal passenger train. Dispatcher channel 12 may also be on the scan, depending upon traffic.  

The Magnetation facility at Reynolds as of 2019 is defunct and reportedly will be demolished.


PTC went active on the Monon Subdivision in October 2018.


Effective January 18, 2018 the Elkhart & Western Railroad acquired the Monticello Branch, between Monon and Monticello.  There is one customer remaining on that line.

The spur from Monon to Francisville continues to be CSX-owned and maintained.


This Class I railroad (former Monon- coded Q) times are generally based on eastern time in use at the Jacksonville. Dispatchers may or may not still identify as Calumet City. Some extra board shifts are still physically located at Calumet, while as of mid-2019 other shifts may be physically located at Jacksonville.


Relevent mileposts from north to south are:


DG 25.1 Thornton Junction (RB Dispatcher) - Interchange with Union Pacific

DG 31.1 Munster (RA Dispatcher)

Q27.9 Dyer Passenger Station (DYE)

Q29.1 CN Crossing (former EJ&E)

Q33.3 NS Crossing

Q36.8 Lowell Defect Detector

Q48.1 Shelby Siding North End - 10,965' Siding Built for the now-defunt Magnetation Plant

Q50.4 Shelby Siding South End

Q52.6 NS Crossing to Wheatfield Power Plant

Q54.1 Thayer Defect Detector

Q56.5 N End Roselawn - 4,495' Siding

Q57.7 S End Roselawn

Q67.1 N End Surrey - 4,330' Siding

Q68.1 S End Surrey

Q72.3 Rensselaer Passenger Station (REN)

Q73-73.8 Rensselaer Car Storage Track

Q75.7 Iriqouis River Defect Detector - 8 Watts

         Pleasant Ridge



Q86.2 North End West Pass - 9,335' Siding

Q87.3 South End West Pass

Q88.3 Monon - Monticello Branch - Elkhart and Western Railroad (eff. 1-18-18)

Q88.5 Monon - Medaryville Branch Line

Q92.8 Monon Defect Detector

Q95.1 North Reynolds Pass (Reynolds is the site of the defunct Magnetation Plant)

Q95.9 South Reynolds Pass - Storage Track - TP&W Crossing



Q105.1 North End Brookston - 5,304' Siding

Q106.1 South End Brookston

           Ash Grove

Q113.3 Battleground Defect Detector - 8 Watts

Q115.5 Lafayette Yard Limits (Farmers Crssing)

           Sagamore Parkway

Q118.8 9th Street

Q119.4 Salem Street

Q120.1 Lafayette Passenger Station (LAF)

Q120.5 Lafayette Junction (NS and KBS Crossing - NS Controlled)

Q121.4 North End Lafayette Junction Siding(4,011 foot siding)

Q122.3 South End Lafayette Junction Siding

Q127.5  North End Switzer Siding (9,780 foot siding)

Q129.8 South End Switzer Siding

Q130.6 South Raub Defect Detector - 25 Watts

Q135.6 North End Linden Siding(6,795 foot siding)

Q136.8 South End Linden Siding

Q147.4 Crawfordsville Passenger Station

Q148.2  Junction Crawfordsville Branch (Amtrak Route to Indianapolis)

Q148.3  Elmore - Newly designated radio switching point between Indy and Cal City Dispatchers


Indianapolis dispatcher for the Crawfordsville Branch (Amtrak route) is channel 30(6) and the road channel is 46.  It takes about an hour for Amtrak to traverse the Crawfordsville Branch from Clermont and around the Indianapolis Airport to Crawfordsville.