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 BNSF @ Silverwood

BNSF 427 charging up the Cajon Pass near the Silverwood crossover. 


Hear UP, BNSF, LAJ, PHL and the Metrolink Commuter trains being dispatched out of the LA area to San Bernardino/Colton/Riverside & other points east and south to the Ports of Los Angeles & Long Beach.   It’s then either up the Cajon Pass & on to the Mojave desert or down through the San Timeteo Canyon & on to Yuma.

There’s plenty of overnight  yard/switching communications coming out of Montclair & Mira Loma serving local industry in the Pomona, Chino, & Fontana areas.  As for AMTRAK, hear the Sunset Limited, Southwest Chief, & all Pacific Surfliners trains. You might even hear a problem in the making? 






 Four major UP subdivisions, two BNSF subdivisions & one Metrolink subdivisions are covered by monitoring 12 frequencies. Three additional frequencies are monitored covering the Los Angeles Junction Railroad (LAJ), Pacific Harbor Lines (PHL) & the Alameda Corridor:

FrequencyRoad Where to Where?
160.320UP Los Angeles AreaUPLA Dispatcher 54Mojave to Slover
   Road Channel Brea Chem Industrial Lead
   Road Channel Fullerton Industrial Lead
160.515 UPLA Dispatcher 30West Riverside to Soto Street Jct
  Road ChannelCrestmore to Pedley
  Road ChannelChino Industrial Lead
160.740 UPLA Dispatcher 50North Montclair to CP Yuma Jct
  UPLA Dispatcher 30Yermo to Daggett
161.550UP Los Angeles AreaWest Colton Yardmaster 
  UPLA Dispatcher 48Indio to Rancho
  Road ChannelRiverside to Colton
 MetrolinkRoad ChannelAzusa to Orange Ave Jct
160.650BNSF So Cal DivisionDS-115 San Bernardino DispatcherW. Riverside to West Redondo
161.190BNSF So Cal DivisionDS-14 Cajon DispatcherHodge to San Bernardino
  Road ChannelHighgrove to San Jacinto
161.415MetrolinkSan Gabriel DispatcherBerdoo to CP Pasadena Jct
   Bench to West Rialto
   Redlands to San Bernardino
   CP Cambridge to Arcadia
160.560  San Diego Dispatcher Fullerton Jct. to Orange
160.815   River Dispatcher East and West Bank Lines
160.980 Pacific Harbor Line Road ChannelLos Angeles & Long Beach Harbors
161.130 Los Angeles Junction Road Channel East Los Angeles & vicinity
160.365  Alameda Corridor Corridor Dispatcher 10CP East Redondo to West Tenard


UP coming down the Cajon Pass near the railfan-maintained "Hill 582"

You will be able to hear nine(9) or more talking equipment defect detectors:
Milepost (click underlined MPs to hear)
14.8Los Angeles Subdivision
32.0 San Bernardino Subdivision
32.9San Gabriel Subdivision
37.9Los Angeles Subdivision
486.8 Mojave Subdivision
491.6 Alhambra Subdivision
504.7Alhambra Subdivision
516.6Alhambra Subdivision
526.8 Alhambra Subdivision



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Live Feed Coverage Maps

 coverage map 1


 ______Approximate location of the Alameda Corridor     

________Approximate location of the River Subdivision


Fequencies & Talking Detectors listed by Railroad, showing Subdivisions, Spurs & Industrial Leads; with numerical & color cross referencing to the above coverage maps:

Union Pacific

Goto:g Los Angeles Area Subdivision's Timetables  

Restored Pomona Station on the UP's Alhambra(mp514.3) & Los Angeles(mp31.9)Subs

1. Los Angeles Subdivision CP East Redondo to West Riverside

AAR 42 160.740 UPLA Dispatcher 30
AAR 27 160.515 UPLA Dispatcher 30

14.8 City of Industry
37.9 Between Montclair & Ontario

2. Alhambra Subdivision CP Yuma Jct. to Colton (Rancho)
AAR 96 161.550 UPLA Dispatcher 30
AAR 42 160.740 UPLA Dispatcher 50
AAR 14 160.320 Road Channel

492.0 Between El Monte & San Gabriel
526.8 Between Guasti & Kaiser
516.6 Montclair near Reservoir
504.7 Between Marne & Walnut

3. Mojave Subdivision Colton (Rancho) to Hiland (Cajon Summit)

San Timeteo Canyon

Signal Bridge in San Timeteo Canyon on the Yuma Sub

AAR 14 160.320 UPLA Dispatcher 54
AAR 96 161.550 West Colton Yardmaster

486.8 Between Bench & Dike
475.1 Near Keenbrook

4. Yuma Subdivision Colton (Rancho) to Beaumont
AAR 96 161.550 UPLA Dispatcher 48

543.1 Near Loma Linda
558.0 Near Hinda



 Pacing UP 4272 SD70M through the San Timeteo Pass.

Thanks to  Rt4957


5. Riverside Industrial Lead Colton to Riverside Jct. (End of Track)
AAR 96 161.550 Road Channel

6. Crestmore Industrial Lead Pedley to Crestmore (End of Track)
AAR 27 161.515 Road Channel

6.1 Chino Industrial Lead  W/O Tower to Chino (End of Track)
AAR 27 161.515 Road Channel 

6.2 Brea Chem Industrial Lead  Pioneer Blvd. to Brea (End of Track)

AAR 14 160.320 Road Channel

6.3 Fullerton Industrial Lead   Basta/Fullerton to Fullerton Jct. 
AAR 14 160.320 Road Channel

 Amtrak below the Cajon Summit

Southwest Chief below Summit on the Cajon Subdivision


Goto:g   Southern California Division Subdivision's Timetables  

7. Cajon Subdivision San Bernardino to Cajon Summit  

AAR 72 161.190 DS-14 Cajon Dispatcher

64.7 Swarthout Canyon   



Action at Blue Cut and Devore Road on the Cajon Pass. 

Thanks to andersley


A Favorite Railfan Location on the Cajon Pass.

 Thanks to The Big Cajona


8. San Bernardino Subdivision Basta to San Bernardino
AAR 72 161.190 DS-14 Cajon Dispatcher
AAR 36 160.650 DS-15 San Bernardino Dispatcher

32.0    Near Prado Dam

 Amtrak#4 near Hobart Yard

Amtrak#4 approaching the diamonds at Hobart Yard, near detector 144.45...on the San Bernardino Sub

154.7   Near Santa Fe Springs
144.45 Near San Pedro Jct.

9. San Jacinto Industrial Spur  Highgrove to San Jacinto
AAR 72 161.190 Road Channel



Goto:g  Metrolink Subdivision's Timetables  

10. Pasadena Subdivision  Arcadia to Claremont (CP Cambridge)


AAR 87 161.415 San Gabriel Dispatcher

11. Azusa Industrial Lead Orange Ave Jct. to Azusa
AAR 96 161.550 Road Channel


12. San Gabriel Subdivision El Monte to San Bernardino
AAR 87 161.415 San Gabriel Dispatcher

Metrolink coming into Claremont Station on the San Gabriel Sub



32.9 Claremont, CP Cambridge
48.8 Fontana
54.9 Rialto


13. Redlands Subdivision San Bernardino to Redlands (End of Track)
AAR 87 161.415 San Gabriel Dispatcher

14. Rialto Subdivision Bench to Rialto (End of Track)
AAR 87 161.415 San Gabriel Dispatcher

15. Orange Subdivision Fullerton to Orange
AAR 30 160.560 San Diego Dispatcher

16. River Subdivision Terminal Lead, Connecting Tracks, East & West Bank Lines
AAR 47 160.815 River Dispatcher


A Blast from the Past--The now-defunct Taylor Yard 

Thanks to cz17west


Pacific Harbor Line 

Badger Bridge

Badger Bridge at the Long Beach Harbor

Goto:g        PHL Timetables   

17. Alameda Corridor Subdivision   West Thenard to LAXT

AAR 58  160.980  Road Channel

18. San Pedro Subdivision   Anaheim to Berth 49

AAR 58  160.980  Road Channel

19. McFarland Subdivision   G Street to Transfer Jct.

AAR 58  160.980  Road Channel

20. Long Beach Subdivision   Long Beach Jct. to Maersk

AAR 58  160.980  Road Channel

21. Manuel  Subdivision   Manuel Yard to Badger Bridge

AAR 58  160.980  Road Channel

Alameda Corridor
Alemeda Corridor

The "Trench" aka Alameda Corridor

 Goto:g        Alameda Corridor Timetable

22. Alameda Corridor Subdivision   East Redondo to West Thenard

AAR 57  160.365  Corridor Dispatcher








Ride-along on the Alameda Corridor.

Thanks to Gregg3322.

Live Audio Feed Equipment:

Motorola Radio

The Commercial VHF scanning radio is a Motorola commercial radio which receives the 160 & 161 MHz railroad frequencies.  











The 5 foot TrainTenna is a ½ wave omni-directional antenna sitting on top of a 30 foot military grade fiberglass mast, wall-mounted 8 feet above the ground; for an overall height of 43 feet above an elevation of 1200ft above sea level.   The lead-in cable is Belden 9913 RG-8 coax tuned to an electrical ½ wavelength @ 36.225 feet.






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