Puget Sound & Pacific Railroad


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 This stream is powered  by Pi-Streamer Technology.


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The wide coverage of the Pacific Northwest Railroads Stream Network is made possible by mountain-top commercial communications sites and commercial-grade antennas, radios and equipment.  The site leases alone cost the stream hosts over $2,000 every year.  Donations go a long way toward keeping these streams online.

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Puget Sound and Pacifc Railroad - Elma, Wa


The Puget Sound & Pacific Railroad is a 158 mile shortline that is headquartered in Elma, Washington. They began operations on August 30, 1997. It is a division of Genesee & Wyoming Inc. The PS&P interchanges with the BNSF and the UP near Centralia, Washington. From there, the line reaches west to Hoquiam, Washington and northeast to Bangor, Washington. The line operated by the PS&P was purchased from BNSF in August of 1997. Much of the line was originally constructed by the Puget Sound & Grays Harbor Railroad in 1890. The NP purchased this line from Summit to Montesano shortly after the PS&GH started operations. The NP then completed a line from Centralia to Elma and from Montesano to Grays Harbor bringing rail service to Grays Harbor in 1892.

The PS&P primarily operates Monday through Friday, interchanging with BNSF and the UP each day at Centralia. This train returns to Elma where it is separated into trains for Grays Harbor and Bangor, both leaving Elma in the mornings.  PS&P also handles unit grain trains from the BNSF interchange in Centralia to the export terminal in Aberdeen, Washington, as well as outbound unit garbage trains for the UP.


PSAP Operations Map


PS&P frequencies:
  • 160.935 AAR ch55 (Channel 1)
  • 161.475 AAR ch91 (Channel 2)
Defect Detectors Heard 
  • BN Oakville (on ch91) - Dragging Equipment
  • BN Allyn (on ch55) - Dragging Equipment

Technical info:

The stream reciever is located on Bawfaw (Boistfort) Peak, aproximately 3,100 feet above sea level.  The receiver is a Kenwood TK-790 fed by a Decibel Products DB264-A 4-bay folded dipole antenna with LMR-900 coax.  A preselector filter removes interference from other radios at the site, and an active multicoupler splits the output of the filter to multiple radios.  The antenna is mounted 40 feet above the ground on the side of an 80 foot tower.  The reciever is connected to a Pi-Streamer to encode the audio and feed it to the Shoutcast Distributed Audio Server over a microwave internet link.

For photos of the Site & Equipment Click Here.

This stream is broadcasting courtesy of Dale Skyllingstad of Tacoma, WA, Robert Scott of Rochester, WA, and Jason J Hill of Kennewick, WA