MRL Elliston

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  • Elliston MT

  • MRL Mile-Post: 29.1

  • Elevation 5,059 Ft



  • AAR 15-15          160.335-160.335             Dispatcher & Road 3RD Sub

  • AAR 56-56          160.950-160.950             Road alternate channel

  • AAR 19-19          160.395-160.395             Switching System-Wide






  • Scanner:               BC355N

  • Antenna:             Tram-1620 at 25ft above terrain

  • Win 10 Pro running RadioFeed 6.1



  • Helpers on MRL Westbound trains are cut-out at W ELLISTON resulting in significant chatter.

  • At this point we have chosen to NOT include the Schatz MRAS repeater (MacDonald Pass) as it can
    stay keyed for extended periods and choke out all other scanning traffic.

  • This is an ATCS Monitor co-located Host Site:
    There is an ATCS Monitor Kit with Server covering the immediate Elliston area.