MRL Belgrade

Belgrade Stream

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LISTEN - Via Telphone: Dial 1-712-432-3480 and Select Stream "202"

(Long Distance Charges May apply - depending on your phone/cell plan)

This service graciously provided by:


New Antenna / coax in place as of 10/24/15 with significantly increased reception coverage

What you will hear on this stream:

  • Detector MP 131.1 West End

  • Detector MP 135.2 Central Park (Old NP Station Name)

  • Detector MP 154.7 Belgrade

  • Detector MP 174.5 Clarkston (as radio conditions permit)

  • Detector MP 199.8 Toston (as radio conditions permit)

  • Detector MP 210.9 Townsend (as radio conditions permit)

  • 5th Subdivision Activity

  • Logan Work Local Action

  • Dispatcher Transmitter Towers: Shadoan, Three Forks, Mt. Schatz (Elliston-Blossburg Area - weak as radio conditions permit)

  • More info to follow 

Current Frequencies in the scan list:

  • MRL Road 1 160.335 AAR015 (PRIMARY Priority Scan)

  • MRL Road 2 160.950 AAR056 (SECONDARY Priority Scan)

  • MRL MOW    161.340 AAR082

  • MRL YARD   160.395 AAR019

Equipment in use:

Motorola CDM1250 Mobile Radio, Diamond X50 @ 30ft

Raspberry Pi Linux micro Computer running Darkice shoutcast encoding software.





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