BNSF Stampede Pass - East Side

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 The BNSF Stampede Pass Line, Dispatched by the BNSF North Branch Dispatcher


05-08-2014 Radio is back up, different location...  Please enjoy!

Consisting of the Yakima Sub (Pasco, MP 0 to Ellensburg, MP 127.0) and the Stampede Sub (Ellensburg, MP 0 to Auburn, MP 102.9). Also included is a spur line, the Granger Sub, MP 34.3 to 62.6. It joins the Yakima sub at Gibbon, it is essentially a large industrial spur and is under track warrant control. (see line map, and timetable)

 This audio is from a receiver located near Ellensburg. We are listening to 161.250 MHz(AAR 76/76). We can usually hear trains and dispatchers from Pasco and sometimes all the way to the Stampede summit, there are of course some places where we cannot hear the trains, like in the Yakima canyon, and way down in the hills near Pasco. The Central Washington Railroad does most of the switching and runs the locals out of Yakima, even the Ellensburg local Tuesday, and Thursday.





Photo by Steve

The base radios for the Yakima Sub are located at Pasco, Prosser, Yakima, Selah Butte, and Ellensburg. The base radios for the Stampede Sub are located at, Ellensburg, Cle Elum, Easton, Stampede, Stampede Tunnel, Kanasket, and Auburn. Talking Detectors located at MP 124.2 on the Yakima Sub, and MP 20.5, 36.9, and 43.5, on the Stampede Sub have been heard. Talk on defect only detectors have been heard at MP 9.2, 13.9, and 46.0 on the Stampede Sub. Ellensburg is the crew change point, you will hear trains releasing their warrants as they arrive in Ellensburg. Usually a new crew is on duty waiting to depart, although ocasionally when crews aren't available trains will tie up in Ellensburg.

West Bristol, Eastbound MY Grainer April 2008

Photo by Rob

The radio is a Motorola Radius GM300 mobile..  The Computer is an Via Mini -ITX based on a Celeron 600 MHZ processor with 512Mb RAM.   To view a photo of the setup click here.

Warning: This railroad audio is provided for entertainment purposes only. The audio may contain omissions ,drop outs, or one sided conversations and may be delayed by up to 5 minutes. Do not rely upon this information in situations where your safety may be at stake! Always observe all local warning signs and devices. Please look at Operation Lifesaver for additional information.


Check out this Youtube video and youtube channel created and supplied by youtube member davecooleyvideo.

It captures the essence of Stampede Pass. Dave Cooley is also the proprietor of  Sonrisa Publications, a business that caters to railfan's interests in detailed area maps and railfan guides. Anyone interested in Stampede should definitely check out his new Stampede Pass Railfan Guide.


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