BNSF/UP Colorado Joint Line (Updated)

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Castle Rock, CO Railroad Radio Stream (New Kenwood TK-7180 Receiver in operation)

Primary Frequencies Scanned  
Frequency Chan RR Use                                                 Dispatcher ID




Road Joint Line Littleton to Pueblo (N-S Line)

DS-16 Pikes Peak




Road Joint Line Littleton to Pueblo (N-S Line)
Road Moffat Tunnel Sub Winter Park to Bond (E-W Line) Moffat Ch 1





Road NE Brush Sub Englewood to Sterling (E-W Line)

DS-87 Brush




Contact with Denver Yardmaster





Road N Front Range Sub Denver to Cheyenne (N-S Line)

DS-94 Front Range




Road Moffat Tunnel Sub W Denver to Arvada (E-W Line) Moffat Ch 2





Road W Bond Sub Arvada to Moffat Tunnel (E-W Line) Moffat Ch 4





Road E Limon Sub Denver to Limon (E-W Line)





Road N Greeley Sub Denver to Borie, WY (N-S Line)





Denver Area





 Road Moffat Sub Denver to Arvada








Area Division Timetables (click this link to view)


  Detectors Heard:


  • MP 21.2

  • MP 21.9 (Castle Rock)


  • MP 2.4

  • MP 8.4

  • MP 22.9

  • MP 23.6

  • MP35.0 (Main Tracks 1 and 2) 


The BNSF/UP Joint line runs from Denver, CO to Pueblo, CO, with trains from both railroads running between the two cities. The line is dispatched by both the BNSF and the UP. The joint line begins as a triple track railroad at milepost 3.6 in South Denver through milepost 12.2 in Littleton, and then becomes a double track (though largely separated railroad) to milepost 52 at Palmer Lake. From Palmer Lake to Crews, milepost 84.4 the railroad is single track, with passing sidings at Monument, Academy, Colorado Springs, and Kelker. This single-track railroad can at times create a major bottleneck to operations. From Crews, milepost 84.4 to Bragdon, milepost 108.6, the railroad is again a separated double track line. Track 1 refers to the west most track, and generally is used for southbound trains. Track 2 refers to the eastern most track, and generally is used for northbound trains. Primary traffic on the joint line are BNSF and UP Coal trains, with coal loads usually running south and empties returning north, though some merchandise traffic is run. Pushers are still occasionally used, but DPU has largely replaced the pushers.




BNSF 5954 leads a typical joint line train, southbound at Palmer Lake, CO on June 11, 2006.

Copyright 2006 Timothy Tonge

Trains can usually be heard from the triple track in Denver to about Monument, with dispatcher traffic heard from all portions of the line. Two road channels are used for the joint line, 160.920 MHz (UP Dispatchers) and 160.650 MHz (BNSF Dispatchers). Trains switch to 161.100 at Englewood, and may use 160.695 to talk to the Denver yard. Talking detectors at or near Louviers, milepost 21.3 Track 1 and milepost 21.9 Track 2 and a second detector at Castle Rock, milepost 35.0 Track 2, can normally be heard. The BNSF Brush Subdivision runs northeast out of Denver to Brush. This line is a single-track line with passing sidings. Traffic on this line consists of coal trains (connecting with the joint line) with loads running south and empties returning north, merchandise traffic, and Amtrak #5, running west in the morning, and Amtrak #6, running east in the early evening. The BNSF Front Range Subdivision runs north from Denver to Cheyenne, passing though Boulder and Fort Collins. This line is a single-track line with passing sidings. Traffic on this line consists of BNSF merchandise trains, though traffic is generally light. The UP Moffat Tunnel Subdivision (through Moffat Tunnel) runs west from Denver, and is a single-track railroad with passing sidings. Traffic on this line consists of UP coal trains, with loads running east and empties returning west, an occasional UP merchandise train, BNSF merchandise trains, and Amtrak #5, running west in the morning, and Amtrak #6, running east in the early evening.


Amtk 242 leads the ski train, just prior to Tunnel 1, on the Moffat Sub on March 5, 2006.

Copyright 2006 Timothy Tonge

A talking detector at milepost 22.6 can normally be heard. The UP Limon Subdivision runs east from Denver through Limon and to Cheyenne Wells. Traffic on this line consists of UP coal trains. The UP Greeley Subdivision runs north from Denver to Wyoming, and is a single-track railroad with passing sidings. Traffic on this line consists of UP merchandise trains. The UP Laramie Subdivision runs west from Cheyenne, WY, and is the Ups famed main line through Wyoming. Heavy traffic crosses this line. This audio is from a receiver located just east of Castle Rock, CO, milepost 32.5, on the northern half of the joint line. Elevation of the monitoring site is 6500, giving excellent signal reception. The equipment being used to bring you this broadcast consists of a dual band, vhf/uhf half wave antenna mounted at 35 feet on the top of the house with RG-8 feed line to a Maxtrac VHF radio. The Computer is a Pentium 4 with a 1.6GHz processor and connected via T1 to the server. The computer is used for other office tasks as well. Warning: This railroad audio is provided for entertainment purposes only. The audio may contain omissions, dropouts, or one-sided conversations and may be delayed by up to 5 minutes. Do not rely upon this information in situations where your safety may be at stake! Always observe all local warning signs and devices. Please look at Operation Lifesaver for additional information. This stream is broadcasting courtesy of This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it of Castle Rock, CO. Tim has a private weather company, and provides operational support to various clients. His weather website can be viewed at, while is railroad photo website can be seen at . Questions, Comments, and Ideas are always welcome.





 This Youtube page:  Scale Model Trains & Colorado's Joint Line does a very nice job covering the Joint Line operations in the Palmer Lake area, which our stream provides coverage for.

 (Video posted with permission by the owner)