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Wilmington Delaware Area

NS 36A passed by Amtrak at Newport, DE



  • Motorola 16-channel GM300 Radius
  • Traintenna Omni-directional Antenna
  • Dedicated Desktop Running Windows XP

Norfolk Southern Frequencies Monitored (Delmarva, Shellpot & New Castle Lines)

  • 160.800 Main Line DS, Channel 1
  • 160.410 Yard Channel
  • 160.860 Yard Channel
  • 160.980 Yard Channel 

CSX Frequencies Monitored (Philadelphia Subdivision)

  • 160.230 Mainline Road Channel
  • 160.320 "AU" DS-Train 
  • 161.100 "AV" DS-Train
  • 160.530 Yard Channel
  • 160.980 "NI" DS (Philadelphia: Trenton Line)

AMTRAK Frequencies Monitored (NEC)

  • 160.920 CTEC-3, CTEC-4, CTEC-5, CTEC-6 and all passenger/freight on the NEC

Conrail Shared Assets (South Jersey DS) Frequency Monitored (Penns Grove Secondary/Delair Branch/Chester Industrial)

  • 161.070 "South Jersey" DS

Please check out the Wilmington Area Stream Forum for current details on this stream







NS 24M at Perryville




Chrysler Yard (Newark) - located just south of “DAVIS” interlocking on Amtrak’s NEC. In addition to serving the Daimler-Chrysler plant here, it also serves as a jumping-off point for serving customers south on the Delmarva Secondary; customers along the NEC between Newark and Wilmington;  north to Edgemoor Yard (Wilmington); a small tank farm just over the border in Elkton, MD. Canal Moveable Bridge – located at M.P. DM 18.3 on the Delmarva Secondary (which reaches south to Pocomoke, Virginia) spans the Chesapeake & Delaware Canal via a large vertical lift span. Southbound daily merchandise (to Harrington) train is 12G; northbound (from Harrington) is 13G. Delmarva also hosts assorted locals, unit coal trains/empty hopper trains (to/from Delmarva Power’s Indian River generating plant) and unit grain trains/empties.


Delmarva Secondary - block limits to which trains and the mainline dispatcher may refer include (from north to south): “DAVIS” (MP 0.0), “DEL” (FK 5.9), “PORTER” (DM 14.4, junction with the New Castle Secondary), “KIRK” (DM 16.5), and “FROG” (DM 24.0), “CLAY” (DM 35.0), “CHES” (DM 41.0), “WYDEL” (DM 50.8) and “ALLEY” (DM 61.). There is a DED detector at DM 14.8. On occasion you may hear the operator at Harrington (DM 64.4, connection with the Indian River Running Track) who has a rather powerful radio transmitter.


Edgemoor Yard (Wilmington) – accessed from the south by both the Shellpot Secondary and the New Castle Secondary, these two lines converge just south of “Bridge 3,” the newly rehabilitated swing bridge that crosses the Christina River just south of Edgemoor Yard. Daily visitors include train way freights 36A/37A (Enola-Edgemoor/Edgemoor-Enola) and 12N/13N (Sterling, MI-Port of Wilmington/Wilmington-Sterling autoracks) and a whole host of locals that serve the Shellpot line, the New Castle line, and the Port of Wilmington, as well as a daily freight to/from Stoney Creek Yard south of Chester, PA. NS also runs loaded coal/empty hopper trains to/from Wilmington and Shire Oaks, PA to serve the Connectiv generating station at Edgemoor. Loaded crushed stone headed downstate rolls through Edgemoor on train 67T; its empty northbound counterpart is 67V.


A small fleet of locals serve the area north of Edgemoor, around Edgemoor, south of Edgemoor and in/out/around Chrysler Yard. This list is far from exhaustive, but local road crews frequently heard include: H5E, H5G, H40, H41, H50, H51, H52, H72, H5F, H5M, H5K, H5R and H36. Generally, anything beginning with “H” is a local crew serving northern Delaware.




NS Train 36A at "Bridge 3"




“Bridge 3” - The original swing span was over 110 years old when Conrail took the entire Christina River crossing out of service in early 1995 after the approach structure shifted under a northbound freight, cutting the Shellpot in half, isolating Edgemoor from the Port of Wilmington.  In 2002 the State of Delaware and Norfolk Southern agreed upon a uniquely collaborative plan for restoring seamless service on the Shellpot. The State of Delaware essentially fronted the money required to rehabilitate the swing bridge and its approaches (in the end, costing $14,000,000) and Norfolk Southern would pay a toll per car crossing the 242-foot span for a period of twenty years, guaranteeing a minimum annual payment equivalent to the toll for 12,500 freight cars. Beyond “Bridge 3” itself, Norfolk Southern effected improvements to Edgemoor Yard and added signals protecting the southern and northern approaches to the rehabilitated Christina River crossing.


The Shellpot leaves the NEC at “RAGAN” interlocking (just north of Newport and south of Wilmington) and makes its way through a large marshy area south and east of the first city of the First State. The Shellpot was originally constructed in 1888 by the Philadelphia, Wilmington & Baltimore as a freight bypass around the city of Wilmington. Block limits to which trains and dispatchers refer include, from south to north: “RAGAN,” (some crews still call “BANK” – the approach signal north of the West Yard Lead – and “WARD”, the moveable bridge spanning the Christina River south of “Bridge 3”); “READ” and “RIVER.” Continuing north through Edgemoor Yard as the Shellpot Running track, the line rejoins Amtrak’s NEC at “BELL” interlocking via Edgemoor's Advance Yard just north of Wilmington. West Yard Lead allows NS to interchange cars with CSX along the NEC just west of West Yard. NS  locals leave the Shellpot between “READ” and “RAGAN,” make their way through West Yard and pass Amtrak’s CNOC. North of CNOC, NS locals make reverse move under Amtrak’s Wilmington viaduct to access the (former B&O/Reading) interchange yard.



NS 36A at Road



The New Castle Secondary leaves the Delmarva Secondary at Porter and strikes north through New Castle toward the Port of Wilmington. Block limits to which trains and dispatchers refer include: (from south to north) “PORTER,” “ROAD,” TASKER” and “TERM.” 


The New Connection Industrial Track links the New Castle line with the Shellpot (just south of “Bridge 3”), a connection constructed when “Bridge 3” was taken out of service by Conrail in 1995. The New Connection Industrial Track’s limits are: “HAZEL,” on the Shellpot, and “PORT” on the New Castle. 


Reybold Industrial Track – leaves the New Castle Secondary at “BOLD” and proceeds east toward Delaware City.







NS locals in and around Edgemoor include...



H5E - works the Port of Wilmington on the New Castle Secondary Track.  Signs-up at 6:30 AM Monday-Friday at Edgemoor and runs it's engine over from Edgemoor to the Port on Mondays and brings the engine back to Edgemoor on Fridays.  During the week, it'll make trips from the Port into Edgemoor to bring over the outbound cars from the Port and then return to the Port light. 


H5G - works the Honda terminal at the Port of Wilmington.  Signs-up at 9:30 AM Monday-Friday at Edgemoor.  Taxis out to the Port and uses the power from the 12N to spot the cars in Honda in the morning.  In the afternoon it puts the 13N together to make its return trip to Enola, PA. 


H5K - works the DuPont Edgemoor Plant.  Signs-up at 6:30 AM Monday-Friday at Edgemoor.  Puts its train together and runs up to DuPont.  In the afternoon after DuPont is done, it runs around its train and works the IKO Plant and then brings its train back into the yard. 


H5M - second trick yard job at Edgemoor.  Signs-up at 3:00 PM Monday-Friday at Edgemoor.  Breaks-up the inbound 36A from Enola.  Puts together the H51 train for Reybold, DE.  Also handles Dana Railcar and Delaware Express inside the yard. 


H5N - works CitiSteel on Amtrak.  Signs-up at 10:30 PM Monday-Friday at Edgemoor.  Has to sign-up this late because they have to "hold" 4 Track on Amtrak to work CitiSteel.  Goes up with cars and returns with cars.  When they're back and have time, they put to work doing clean-up in Edgemoor, the Port or working the New Castle Secondary towards Reybold. 


H5R - first trick yard job at Edgemoor.  Signs-up at 7:30 AM Monday-Friday at Edgemoor.  Puts together the outbound 37A for its return trip to Enola.  Also takes care of Valley Warehouse at 12th Street in Edgemoor. 




NS 12G at Boyds Crossing


H5T - relief job at Edgemoor.  Signs-up at 11:00 PM Monday-Wednesday; 6:00 PM on Saturday and Sunday at Edgemoor.  Finishes the work not completed by the H52 on Saturdays and can do anything on Mondays-Wednesdays.  On Sunday, it acts as the H51 and takes the train to Reybold (see the H51 below for its description) after they complete any unfinished work at Edgemoor. 


H35 - first trick yard job at Chrysler Yard.  Signs-up at 7:00 AM Monday-Friday at Newark, DE.  Works the Chrysler Plant, but doesn't generally handle the Tri-Yard at Chrysler.  When the Chrysler Plant is down they'll be sent down the Delmarva Secondary Track to handle Roccola Tie at Amtrak's Delpro Yard at Bear, DE. 


H37 - handles all customers on Amtrak from Red Mill, MD up to Wilmington, DE and the interchange downtown with CSX.  Signs-up at 3:00 PM Monday-Friday at Newark.  Puts its train together, pulls out to Amtrak's DAVIS interlocking then shoves backwards to Red Mill to handle Air Products.  It also takes care of FMC and Liquid Container at Newark; D&S Warehouse (half-way between Newark and Newport, DE); Crowell Products (right across from the Ciba Specialty Chemicals Plant at Newport) and then the CSX interchange at YARD on Amtrak (directly across from Amtrak's Training Center by the Blue Rocks stadium). 




NS train 12N rolls northbound through "Davis"




H40 - second trick yard job at Chrysler Yard.  Signs-up 4:00 PM Monday-Wednesday; 7:00 AM on Saturday-Sunday at Newark. Works the shop tracks and puts together the outbound cars for the 13N (the 13N stops here on its trip from the Port back to Enola to set off bi-level autoracks for the Tri-Yard and then picks up the outbounds from Chrysler), and also works the Tri-Yard at Chrysler.  On the weekends it handles the Honda Terminal at the Port.


H41 - third trick yard job at Chrysler Yard.  Signs-up at 12:01 AM Tuesday-Saturday at Newark.  Works the Chrysler Plant overnight and then works the Tri-Yard in the morning.  When Chrysler is down, they'll work Honda at the Port overnight and then come back to Newark when they're done.  When the plant is up, they stay inside Newark.


H50 - works all of the plants at Reybold, DE (Delaware City).  Signs-up at 9:30 AM Monday-Friday at Reybold, DE.  Works Formosa Chemical; the Valero Plant; DuPont's Red Lion Plant (right next to Valero); Occidental Chemical; and when the EPA is shipping outbounds - Metachem's abandoned Delaware City Plant; also they handle Rocola Tie Plant at Amtrak's Delpro Yard in Bear.   Takes the inbound train from the H51 and breaks it up, spots the inbounds, pulls the outbounds and sets-up the train for the H51.



NS Coal Train 650 at Perryville


H51 - overnight job from Reybold to Edgemoor and return.  Signs-up at 9:30 PM Monday-Friday at Reybold.  Takes the outbound train from Reybold up the New Castle Secondary to Edgemoor by using the H50's power.  Stops on the way up the New Castle at Wilmington Road Siding (New Castle) and picks-up the outbound cars from the H53.  Yards all of this at Edgemoor and then gets the outbound train for the H5E, H53 and H50.  On the way back south on the New Castle Secondary, it drops off all of the cars for the H5E and H53 on the main around the ICI plant at the Memorial Bridge at New Castle.  They also drop off cars at Tasker Siding for the H53.  They'll take the balance of the train right into Reybold. 


H52 - relief job at Edgemoor.  Signs-up at 10:30 AM on Mondays; 10:00 AM on Tuesdays and Wednesdays; 6:30 AM on Saturdays and Sundays.  On Mondays it works the H72 between Edgemoor and Shared Assets' Stoney Creek Yard in Trainer, PA (Marcus Hook).  It uses the 36A's power from Enola.  On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, it can do anything.  On Saturdays and Sundays, it works as the first trick yard job at Edgemoor.  On Saturdays it breaks-up the inbound 36A and puts together the outbound 37A for Enola.  On Sundays, it may or may not break-up the inbound 36A, but it's priority is to put together the outbound H51 train for Reybold. 




H5K power sits at Edgemoor Advance as H72 returns from Stoney Creek




H53 - works all of the customers on the New Castle Secondary Track that the H5E out of Edgemoor doesn't handle.  Signs-up at 6:30 AM Monday-Friday at Reybold.  Handles Young Lumber and Inland Steel at the Port of Wilmington; ICI/SPI at the Memorial Bridge in New Castle and PrintPac and JTA Lumber out by the Route 9 highway-rail crossing just south of New Castle.  They generally park their power on the PrintPac lead during the week, but if they run out of time, it's found on the Wilmington Road Siding near New Castle.  The H5T delivers the engine to the H53 on Mondays and the H51 picks the engine back up and takes it to Edgemoor for servicing over the weekend on Fridays/early Saturday mornings.


H72 - transfer train between Edgemoor and Conrail Shared Assets' Stoney Creek Yard at Trainer, PA (Marcus Hook).   Signs-up at 10:30 AM Tuesday-Saturday at Edgemoor.  Uses the 36A's power and takes up the Stoney Creek cars from the 36A.  They return with the outbound cars from Stoney Creek and most of those cars end up going out on the 37A to Enola.  Sometimes they have to turn the 36A's power when they return to Edgemoor because Enola likes to send one good leader and then a bad leader heading back to Enola. They use Bridge 3 and all of the connecting tracks out there to turn the power and return to Edgemoor.











Philadelphia Subdivision



This is the former B&O line that parallels the former PRR main (now Amtrak’s NEC) between Baltimore and Philadelphia. This stream generally covers north of the Susquehanna River up to and including “RG” tower and South Philadelphia Yard. Signals called will include (west to east):



* “LESLIE” (BAK 48.1)

* “EDER” (BAK 45.9)


* “STATE LINE” (BAK 39.1)

* “NEWARK” (BAK 36.5)

* “HARMONY” BAK 34.1)

* “STANTON” (BAK 31.7), referred to by some as the “two-dollar window” due to its proximity to Delaware Park that offers live horse racing and slot machines.




D-729 Market Street Extension




* “ELSMERE JUNCTION” (BAK 27.2, connection to Market Street Extension)


* “CLIFFS”  (BAK 22.0)




* “CHESTER” (BAK 11.8)

* “HOLMES” (BAK 8.7)


* “DARBY” (BAK 4.9)* “58TH STREET) (BAK 3.1)

* “RG” (BAK 2.0) 


In addition, there are HBD-DED detectors at BAK 46.3 and BAK 21.0









Movements include intermodal trains (Q-172, Q-173, Q-174, Q-175, X-176), autoracks (Q-216, Q217), municipal waste (K276, K277) mixed freights (Q-405, Q-406, Q-409, Q410, Q-370, Q-371, Q-438, Q-439) and, the Tropicanna Juice trains (K650/K652, K651/K653). Other trains include loaded coal (V-779), loaded/empty steel slab trains (K-511/K510)and other extra movements as required. Philly Sub locals in the area include D-776, D-729, D-777 and D-778.



Wilsmere Yard – Elsmere, Delaware. Primary purpose is to serve the needs of the GM assembly plant here. Also the home of several CSX locals (including interchange with the NS via the former B&O Market Street extension  - nee Wilmington & Western - to Wilmington) as well as interchange with the East Penn Railway.





Q-703 Meets Q-406 at East Aiken



East Side Yard – Located along the banks of the Schuylkill River in the Gray’s Ferry section of Philadelphia. (Also the location of “RG” tower.) A running track here enables CSX to reach South Philadelphia Yard via the former Conrail Arsenal Connecting Track.


South Philadelphia – formerly Conrail’s Greenwich Yard, this expanded intermodal facility replaced a much smaller – and more congested – CSX intermodal yard to the north.


*THROUGH TRAINS on Philly Subdivision*  


(This list is by no means complete. For example, extra light-engine movements are not listed)


Q-172 (Tuesday - Saturday) TOFC Jacksonville, FL to North Bergen, NJ

Q-173 (Tuesday - Saturday) TOFC North Bergen, NJ to Jacksonville, FL  

Q-174 (Daily) TOFC Jacksonville, MD to Boston, MA  

Q-216 (Daily) Autoracks Detroit, MI to Philadelphia, PA (Consist dropped at Twin Oaks)  

Q-217 (Daily) Philadelphia, PA to Louisville, KY  

Q-370 (Daily) Cumberland, MD to Philadelphia, PA  

Q-373 (Daily) Philadelphia, PA to Cumberland, MD  

Q-405 (Daily) Philadelphia, PA to Rocky Mount, NC  

Q-406 (Daily) Rocky Mount, NC to Philadelphia, PA  

Q-409 (Daily) Selkirk, NY to Waycross, GA  

Q-410 (Daily) Waycross, GA to Selkirk, NY  Q-428 (Daily) Bay View, MD to Selkirk, NY




Q-405 westbound on the Brandywine River Viaduct




Q-429 (Daily) Selkirk, NY to Curtis, Bay, MD  

Q-438 (Monday - Friday) Hamlet, NC to Selkirk, NY  

Q-439 (Daily) Selkirk, NY to Hamlet, NC  

K-276 (Daily) Municipal Waste: Collier, VA to Selkirk, NY  

K-277 (Daily) Municipal Waste: Oak Point, NY to Collier, VA  

K-510 (Eastbound empty slab train as needed)  

K-511 (Westbound loaded slab train as needed)

K-650 (Sunday - Wednesday, Friday) Tropicana Juice Train: Bradenton, FL to Greenville, NJ  

K-651 (Monday - Saturday) Empty Tropicana cars Greenville, NJ to Tampa, FL  

V-779 (As required) Unit coal train: Grafton, WV to Palermo, NJ (near Ocean City)  

X-176 (As needed = eastbound bare tables)



Q-174 at West Aiken


*WILMINGTON-AREA LOCALS on Philly Subdivision* 



D-729 (Monday - Saturday) Wilsmere - Twin Oaks/Chester-Wilsmere  

D-732 (Daily) Wilsmere - Twin Oaks-Philly-Chester-Wilsmere  

D-775 (Sunday - Friday) Wilsmere - Leslie/Elk Mills/Barksdale,MD - Newark, Twin Oaks - Wilsmere  

D-776 (Monday - Saturday) Wilsmere - Collingdale, PA - Twin Oaks - Wilsmere  

D-777 (Daily) Bayview, MD - Rosedale/Belcamp/Aberdeen/Leslie, MD - Wilsmere - Bayview, MD



Northbound Amtrak Train at "Hook" Interlocking




NEC - The former PRR New York – Washington mainline constitutes today’s Northeast Corridor. Various CTEC (Centralized Electric and Traffic Control) desks control all movements on specific segments of the NEC. In addition to the host of Amtrak trains that run through the area served by this stream, you will also hear SEPTA trains (provided under contract with the Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) operating between Newark and Claymont.



CTEC also facilitates the movement of Norfolk Southern trains on and off the NEC at “DAVIS,” “RAGAN,” and “BELL.” While you will hear CTEC-2, CTEC-5 and CTEC-6 on occasion, the bulk of the Amtrak radio that you will hear will be CTEC-3 and CTEC-4 territory.





Southbound Acela and NS 39G at Frankford Jct.





From south the north, the interlockings under CTEC-3’s control north of “PERRY” interlocking (where the NS “Port Road” from Harrisburg’s Enola Yard joins the NEC) include:


* “PRINCE” (MP 57.3)

* “BACON” (MP 51.0)

* “IRON” (MP 41.5)

* “DAVIS” (MP  38.4)

* “RUTHBY” (MP 36.5)

* “RAGAN” (MP 29.7)



Northbound Amtrak at Perryville



Passenger stations include Newark (just south of “DAVIS”) and Churchman’s Crossing (between “RUTHBY” and “RAGAN”). Continuing north, the interlockings under CTEC—4’s authority include: 


* “YARD” (MP 28.2)

* “BRANDY” (MP 26.9)

* “WINE” (MP 26.6)

* “LANDLITH” (MP 25.4)

* “BELL” (MP 22.5)

* “HOLLY” (MP 20.3)

* “HOOK” (MP 16.8)

* “BALDWIN” (MP 11.7)


Passenger stations include Wilmington (between “BRANDY” and “WINE”), Claymont (north of “HOLLY”) and Marcus Hook (south of “HOOK”).








NS 500 Lester Coal Siding


Penns Grove Secondary – “CP WOODBURY” (MP 8.8) to “DEEP” (MP30.0), some 22 miles. From south to north, other block stations include “RICK,” “GIBB,” PAUL” and “SHELL.” You will also hear the moveable bridge at Bridgeport, New Jersey, as it opens and closes for freight movements.

Vineland Secondary – south of the yard at Camden, block limit stations include (north to south) “CP-MILL,” (MP 1.2) “CP-BROWN,” CP-WOODBURY,” “GLASS,” “HOME” and “LAND” (MP 32.5)


NS 505 power/CSAO CA-11


Beesley’s Point – south out from “CP-BROWN,” (MP 2.3) block limits include “”EVE,” “MAN,” “FLO,” “ANCHOR,” and “BART” (MP 29.8)

Chester Industrial Track – You’ll hear trains moving in and out of Stoney Creek Yard in Trainer, Pennsylvania (the yard that NS H722/H52 visits daily from Edgemoor Yard in Wilmington). You will also hear any/all movements requesting permission to cross the Darby Creek Draw just south of Wanamaker Yard. 


CA-11 Leaving Penns Grove