UP Jefferson City Area

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This feed covers the central Missouri area of the Union Pacific Railroad. The receiver currently receives a portion of 3 subdivisions:

  • Jefferson City Sub - 161.220 | AAR074

  • Sedalia Sub  - 160.470 | AAR024

  • River Sub - 160.740 | AAR042


Detectors that can be heard are:

  • 109.2 on the Jefferson City Sub

  • 139.1 on the Sedalia Sub

  • 139.1 on the River Sub

  • 120.3 on the Jefferson City Sub (Note **)

  • 156.2 on the Sedalia Sub (Note **)

    Note ** = can occasionally be heard although reception is poor


Dispatcher towers that can be heard are:

Holts Summit, Rocheport, Clarksburg, and Americus.

When conditions are good towers even farther out can be heard. 

The antenna is located slightly west of Jefferson City so crews in this area will be heard the best.