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Sorry to say but it appears this stream has been abandoned by the stream host (down for 5 months)

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This stream covers the 4 railroads that serve the Eugene area: Union Pacific (UP), Central Oregon & Pacific (CORP), Coos Bay Rail Link (CBRL) and Portland & Western (P&W). 

Union Pacific's Brooklyn Subdivision

Most of the traffic you hear will be on the UP. All trains must get clearance from the yard and also from the Dispatcher (Omaha DS 268) before entering or departing the Eugene terminal area. Amtrak runs 6 trains per day through Eugene, 2 Cascades in the morning, the Northbound and Southbound Coast Starlight, and 2 Cascades in the late evening. The afternoon Southbound Cascades trainset lays over in Eugene Yard, returning to the depot at Eugene to become the Northbound Cascades the next morning.

UP Brooklyn Sub frequency

  • 161.550 AAR ch96 (UP Dispatcher 268)
  • 161.415 AAR ch87 (UP Alt Disp freq. Used by a couple of Eugene area locals)

Defect Detectors Heard 

  • MP 655.5 - North of Irving
  • MP 616.0 - South of Springfield

 UP Brooklyn Sub Time Table

Central Oregon & Pacific Railroad

CORP runs an average of 2 trains each way per day from Springfield Jct, where their route joins the UP main, northbound into the Eugene Yard area. The "Yoncalla" and the "Medford" are CORP trains. When operating on the UP tracks, they will be heard on the main UP Road channel. Note that CORP is now owned by the P&W RR. There could be some radio changes in the future.

CORP frequency

  •  160.440 AAR ch22 (CORP Dispatcher)

Defect Detectors Heard 

  •  MP 641.6 - South of Springfield Jct

 CORP Roseburg Sub Time Table - North part

Coos Bay Rail-Link

CBRL is operating from Eugene Yard to Coos Bay. Not much radio traffic on their channels, but you will hear the "Coos Bay" as it talks to the UP yardmaster on the main UP Road channel.

CRBL frequencies

  •  160.530 AAR ch28 (CBRL Ops) 
  •  161.505 AAR ch93 (CBRL Ops)
  •  160.290 AAR ch12 (CBRL Ops)

Defect Detectors Heard 

  •  MP 653.8 - Between Veneta and Eugene

  Coos Bay Rail Link Time Table

Portland & Western Railroad

P&W runs north out of the Eugene area and you will hear them getting clearances over the radio for their movements.

P&W frequencies

  • 160.770 AAR ch44 (Eugene)
  • 160.845 AAR ch49 (Toledo)