Manassas, VA


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This feed covers the NS Washington District in Manassas, VA including the east end of the "B-Line"

The radio receiver is a Motorola Maxtrac and is being fed signals from a DPD Productions "TrainTenna" mounted in close proximity to the Manassas Depot. This allows crystal clear reception of trains working the station as well as within the NS yard to the south.

Manassas, VA is a busy spot on the Washington District. It is the junction between the ex-SOU mainline and the B-Line branch that takes most all freight traffic towards Front Royal and Hagerstwon, MD.  Since the Conrail split, the B-Line has been upgraded from a sleepy, unsignalled branchline to a busy CTC mainline linking the northeast to the south as a bypass to the former route through Washington, DC on the RF&P/CSX.  The B-Line is part of the NS Crescent Corridor project and it now plays host to many intermodal, manifest and local trains as well as frequent reroutes as traffic levels warrant. The mainline still hosts local freight traffic north of town, as well as ethanol trains for the Van Dorn St transload facility in Alexandria, but is now a predominantly passenger line. Amtrak's daily "Crescent", the "Lynchburg Regional" and the tri-weekly "Cardinal" all traverse the line as well as over 20 VRE commuter moves each weekday. The wye at "CP Powell" is probabably the busiest single spot in the area seeing easily 40 trains or more on a peak day. Daily average is more in the 30-35 range however.


KCS 3969 leads NS 214 westbound by Hagerstown Block in Marshall, VA - Night Stalker Photo Works, LLC photo

 KCS 3969 leads NS 214 westbound by Hagerstown Block in Marshall, VA - Night Stalker Photo Works, LLC photo


NS 227 diverges westbound on to the B-Line at Manassas, VA.  Photo by Glenn Anderson


NS 7142 with a quartet of EMD's, leads NS 203 southbound by the airport near Bristow, VA.    Photo by Henry Dralle III


Current Frequencies Monitored:

    AAR 56: 160.950 - NS Road  CH1 Road

    AAR 09: 160.245 - NS Disp   CH2 Dispatcher to Trains (Duplex)

    AAR 48: 160.830 - NS Disp   CH2 Train to Dispatcher (Duplex)

Coverage is centered around the immediate Manassas area but trains can be heard as far north as "Fairfax" (MP 24 north of Clifton), as far south as "Calverton" (MP 46 on the mainline) and as far west as "Allison" (MP B22 in Marshall).


Local Defect Detectors:

    DD MP 31.6 - Manassas, VA    

    DD MP 39.4 - Nokesville, VA

    DD MP B10.1 - Gainesville, VA

    DD MP B19.7 - The Plains, VA


Signal Lists:  

 NS Washington District Signal List (BLET - Click on link for PDF file)